>I Didn’t Say It…….


The Paladino campaign, on Joy Behar’s mention of “traditional marriage loving” and New York gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino’s his ten year-old love child:

“Joy Behar should be absolutely ashamed of herself for referring to Carl’s daughter as illegitimate. She’s a child and does not deserve that kind of treatment from a woman who should know better. That’s catty, it’s pissy and strikes of something that someone would say when suffering from a sudden hot flash. The only person here who’s illegitimate is Joy Behar’s hairstylist. Joy is off Carl Paladino’s Christmas card list.” 

Wow. That answer makes me think that Paladino has a little queer underling on his campaign committee who likes to dish the snark and talk about people’s hair.
Too bad he, or she, though i think it’s he, works for a fucktard double-standard, traditional marriage loving, fuck around on his wife and have a baby, guy like asshat wingnut Carl Paladino.

LGBT-inclusive Reverend Carlton Pearson, on the Bishop Eddie Long scandal, and on why Christian churches need to accept gay people:
“Until the Church–the Church, black or otherwise–confronts–not combats–confronts this issue of human sexuality and homosexuality, which is not going away. Homosexuals and homosexuality is not going away. If every gay person in our church just left or those who have an orientation or preference or an inclination, or a fantasy, if everyone left, we wouldn’t have–we wouldn’t have a church.”

You’re right, Rev, if every gay, or gay friendly person, walked out of the churches, we’d have a bunch of buildings on our hands filled with a few people who live in hate and fear.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s buddy, Adam Levine, asking to stop the rumors that Jake is gay:

“Will everyone stop thinking that dude is gay? Seriously guys. How immature is it of the media to perceive this guy — it has to be because of Brokeback, right? I’ve known this dude forever. He’s one of my oldest friends, and it’s very weird that they have this — it’s very immature and infantile the way they treat his whole situation. If him hanging out with his bros means he’s gay, it’s like further perpetuating that weird homophobia that exists in our culture, which is just stupid. So, yeah, he’s my buddy. I fuckin’ love the guy.”

Oh Adam, I don’t “think” Jake’s gay,m even though the Kristen Dunst years had me thinking he must be because, well, Kristen Dunst?
So, I don’t think he’s gay, I just maybe fantasize a bit that he is, and there ain’t nothing wrong with some Jake Lovin’ In My Head..

Adam Lambert, on his frustration at the emphasis on him being gay:

“I’m very comfortable with my sexuality and I have no qualms talking about it. It’s important for me to be bold about it. There are not a lot of examples of that in pop culture. I’m happy to fill that role. But I did an interview the other day and every question was a sensationalized question about being gay and the gay lifestyle. There’s a fine line. As open as I am to mentioning it, I’m not a gay spokesman. I’m a singer. I’m an entertainer who happens to be gay. I’m going to work hard with the next album to make that the message. When the first line is ‘Openly gay singer Adam Lambert …’ it gets a little frustrating. The singer part should definitely come first. That’s what I do.”

I feel this same way. i am not the gay guy at work, I’m the guy–well, one of the guys, at work who is gay.
It’s not who I am, it’s just a piece of the puzzle.

Mo’Nique, on Lindsay Lohan:

“Stop judging her. That baby simply needs some help and if it was your baby, would you want to turn on the TV every night and hear people’s horrible opinions and they don’t know what’s really happening? So the advice is for us. Stop judging that baby. Let’s stop judging that family because we don’t know what’s really going on. Mind your business and let them mind theirs and maybe everybody will come out okay.”

Hey Mo’Nique! Whazzup grrrrl?
Loved you in Precious, but, um, yeah, we know what’;s happened with Lohan.
She’s a criminal and a drug addict who keeps getting these ten minute sentences, and these rehab spa treatments, and then complaining about how tough her life is.
If her name was Lindsay Nobody, she’d have already fallen victim to the Three Strikes law and be in jail permanently.
So, don’t ask us to lay off her.

Justin Timberlake, on becoming a serious actress [not a typo]:

“I’ve always admired the art of acting, and it’s no secret that I was trained as a very young kid on a television show [The Mickey Mouse Club] with other extremely talented actors and singers. On top of that, I’m also extremely aware of the perception of me as an artist. I think that’s why I made the choices that I made for myself. That’s why I chose the smaller films that I’ve done. I thought that I’d rather have the experience of the process from people who are really respected and admired, and characters that I can really dive into, rather than cash in, so to speak. I’m not really interested in that.”

He wants to be a serious actress like those other “actors” that came out of The Mickey Mouse Club.
Y’all remember Annette Funicello in Beach Blanket Crackhead, right?
Frankie Avalon in Beach Party Gang Rape?
Britney Spears in Austin Powers In Goldmember?
Okay, that last one is real.
But JT, you’re no Annette Funicello.

David Letterman, on his now-ended feud with Oprah:

“This predates the Academy Awards. She hated me long before then. She was with Steadman, I was with my then-girlfriend Regina. We were both at a restaurant having lunch on vacation. I said to Regina, ‘Oh, this is hilarious, I’m gonna make Oprah buy us lunch.'”

He ALLEGEDLY told the waiter “Oh, this woman right over there has been kind enough to take care of our check. We got a free lunch and that’s where it started.”
Oh Dave, everyone knows Oprah doesn’t pay for food that doesn’t go in her yap.
I’m surprised she didn’t send her husband Gayle over to whip your ass.



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2 responses to “>I Didn’t Say It…….

  1. >I'm kind of distressed that a state as big and powerful as NY keeps coming up with these nutty folks to run for governor!

  2. >You mean Carl didn't threaten Joy Behar like he did that scribe from the Post? I'm shocked, I tell ya.

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