>That’s Our Nikki: Driving Away Her Own Party

>It seems like there are more cracks in the Nikki Haley campaign to be the next Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

Some members of her own party are now lining up behind the Democrat for governor, Vincent Sheheen.

Former Berkeley County supervisor, Jim Rozier, is the latest Lowcountry Republican to throw his support behind Sheheen, saying: “I think it’s really urgent that in this country we start pulling together rather than pulling apart. I think the extreme right as well as the extreme left is bad. We’ve got to come together with some leadership and some statesmanship, and I think that’s what Sheheen would do.”
Now, Rozier is a gentlemen, and will not disparage Nikki Haley, but simply coming out in support of her opponent speaks volumes. Add to that, the fact that Rozier, along with several prominent Democrats, will host an October 7th fundraiser for Vincent Sheheen.
The event will be held at the Berkeley County home of Robert Royall, who was appointed S.C. Commerce Secretary by Republican Governor David Beasley, and was later appointed Ambassador to Tanzania by President George W. Bush.
Robert Royall has also thrown his support to Sheheen. Royall appeared with Sheheen last month to support his efforts to secure a federal earmark to deepen Charleston Harbor. Nikki Haley says she wants to find money for the harbor in another way, but has no plan, and offers no solutions.
That’s our Nikki, all wrong for South Carolina, and even some in her own party know it.



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