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>Just For Giggles

>I saw this:

And then I saw this:




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>Architecture Wednesday

>from DigsDigs:

Texas architect Jim Poteet has designed this garden guest house in San Antonio. The small house is made of an empty steel shipping container and also serves as a playhouse, a garden retreat and a working studio. The container is 8 by 40 feet and features floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows. Besides, there are heating and air-conditioning systems installed. The roof is filled with different plants. There are a small sink, a shower, and a toilet inside of the house.


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>It’s Not Over


US District Judge Virginia Phillips ruled yesterday that DADT is unconstitutional and that all discharges of gay servicemembers must stop immediately.

Good news, right? Great news?

Well, there are some hitches, as always, on the path toward equality.

US Department of Justice attorneys have 60 days to appeal, though legal experts say the department is under no obligation to do so and could let Phillips’ ruling stand. 

But, and this is where it gets dicey, and this is where we need to focus.

If Democrats lose seats in the upcoming elections, repealing the ban through Congress could prove even more difficult–if not impossible–next year. 

So, while we take a moment to cheer Judge Phillips’ ruling, we must still be aware of the roadblocks ahead. And if there was ever a reason to vote Democratic this November, this is it.


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>It’s Over

>Down in Florida, the state’s gay adoption ban is practically dead.

Florida’s Department of Children and Families [DCF] decided yesterday that it will not appeal the overturning of the ban to the Supreme Court.

Now, the only way the case can be appealed  would be if Attorney General Bill McCollum separately decides to file an appeal, though he would be doing so without the support of DCF, which has begun changing its application forms so adoptive parents aren’t asked if they’re gay.

If McCollum doesn’t appeal–and he has until October 21st to do so–it will end the thirty-year-old ban once considered the strictest in the country. Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeal upheld a 2008 ruling by a Miami-Dade judge, who found “no rational basis” for the ban when she approved the adoption of two young brothers by Martin Gill and his male partner. 

Howard Simon, executive director of Florida’s ACLU: “So now this is all in Bill McCollum’s lap. The big question is what is there to appeal? That opinion is not going to be disturbed.”

Which is exactly how DCF feels: “We had weighed an appeal to the Florida Supreme Court to achieve an ultimate certainty and finality for all parties. But the depth, clarity and unanimity of the DCA opinion–and that of Miami-Dade Judge Cindy Lederman’s original circuit court decision–has made it evident that an appeal would have a less than limited chance of a different outcome.”

So, after thirty years, thousands of children who might otherwise have grown up without parents, now have a chance to become part of a family.

It’s good.



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