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Brothers & Sisters is, by far, the most poorly written show on television, The characters make no sense week-to-week, most of the acting–sometimes even from the usually brilliant Sally Field–is amateurish, and the stories are just too ridiculous. Carlos and I used to like this show, but now I seem to watch it only so i can rail at how awful it has become.

Why, goddess, why, did I watch episode 2 of The A-List? Perhaps because it is a compete and utter stereotypical trainwreck of what many het’ros in America think gay people are like: bitchy, obsessed with fashion and cock, rude, vain, self-involved. It really is the dregs, but, like a trainwreck, I find it hard to look away.

Yet another week of fabulous Glee. Great stories, great songs–though I’m getting a bit bored by Lea Michele going all-Barbra each week….I mean, really? Wearing a knockoff of the outfit Streisand wore when she guested on the old Judy Garland show while singing a song Streisand sang with Garland on that show? It’s enough! That said, I loved Rachel and Kurt’s Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy duet. And, well, while I am not much a fan of the blond mens–you are the exception, Mr. Pitt–but Chord Overstreet…and how’s that for a soap opera name, as Sam, is quite the hottie with the body.

Top Chef:Just Desserts was kind of a rip-ff of the Project Runway Edible Fashion Challenge. A little Tim Gunn in the work room was needed, but alas……So, what was with Heather C and Danielle making vegetable dresses on a pastry competition? Was there miscommunication? Or was it just I can’t do this so I won’t try? And what was with heterosexual Morgan–who loves women’s shoes, but would wear a chocolate mini-dress, even though he loves the ladies? I’m thinking Morgan is a woman On The Verge Of Coming Out……in drag. Props to Yigit for being more adorable this week, than last. Props to Heather C for getting Pastry Bagged for the second time.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Yes, I saw the first episode, and that will be my last. To listen to horrible mother, fake boobed, fake hair, fake personality, part-time lesbian, media whore, Kim Zolchiak say she hopes her kids grow up with the same morals her parents instilled in her….like schtupping a marred man and doing anything….anything….for money….was too much. Kim Zolchiak is to RHoA as the Salahi’s are to RHoDC.



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3 responses to “>Tube Talk

  1. >Morgan had such potential from the hunkoid factor and he's blowing it.

  2. >I watched Brothers & Sisters for a couple of weeks when it first started but that was it. It just seemed like Calista & Sally were so damn whiney. I couldnt take it.I love me some Glee!

  3. >I've never seen Brothers & Sisters because by that time I was already zonked out after a full day of football.

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