>Ain’t That A $650,000 Kick In The Head


Some folks are so lucky that we have stupid courts in this country.
It seems that Michael Ireland of Florida was awarded $650,000 after he was kicked in the face by an exotic dancer at a strip club.
Yup. 650K.
Ireland says he now suffers permanent double vision after “Suki” booted him in the eye at the Cheetah Club near West Palm Beach in 2008. His lawyers say he suffered a punctured eye socket and broken facial bones from the encounter with Suki’s a spiked high heel during a lap dance.
Suki, however, claims that she was merely walking around on the top of the bar when Ireland smacked her on the ass, and her first instinct was to turn and kick.
At any rate, when last seen, Michael Ireland was cashing his $650,000 check and getting all singles, so he can return to the strip club and turn his winnings into $1.5 million.




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2 responses to “>Ain’t That A $650,000 Kick In The Head

  1. >I went to Cheetah's once a very long time ago. It's even more seedier in real life than the one in Showgirls.

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