>From Gunn To LuPone


Well, I just finished reading my BFF’s book, Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work.
Tim Gunn isn’t all that your see on the PR; he’s all that and more. It’s a book on manners and etiquette, and doing what’s right, and holding your tongue–I may have to work on that one–and wearing what’s right.
It’s also funny–J Edgar Hoover dressed as Vivian Vance?–and sad–the end of Tim’s relationship. Lots of juiciness about Project Runway--like, did you know that Tim received NO salary during the first two seasons?–and Nina and Kors Heidi and Martha and Martha’s daughter–who is, apparently, quite the little bitch–and The Anna Wintour Story!

Now, I am on to Patti.
I said this to Carlos over breakfast, and he had the nerve to say, Patti, who?
Patty Hearst? Though he actually said Patty Hertz.
The only Patti!



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5 responses to “>From Gunn To LuPone

  1. >I read the book…… and I don't remember any Patti, or Pattie LuPone!Tell Carlos we can be in the dog house together.

  2. >I did the same as you, read one after the other. Loved Tim's little stories, especially Martha and her daughter, Alexis' Thanksgiving dinner at the Four Seasons. Alexis is not a nice person and if you watch her horrible talk show, you'll understand the meaning of the word "nepotism." Patti is a huge talent and she knows it. Finally found out why she was fired from "Sunset Blvd." Patti will disagree with me, but I think Betty Buckley followed by Elaine Paige were the best Normas.

  3. >I have not purchased the Patti LuPone book yet but I'm in the middle of reading Tim Gunn's book a second time.

  4. >LOL – I heart Carlos stories!

  5. >… I guess Patty Dupont is OK but for me the best Mama Rose is Rosalyn Russell….Bob's antithesis

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