>Quite a Message To Teach Our Children


Jon Langbert has a nine-year-old son who is a member of the Cub Scouts. Langbert has been the chief organizer of a fundraiser for his son’s scout troop for the last two years, and wanted to become a Scout leader so he could share this time with his boy.

This week Jon Langbert learned he cannot be a Scout leader because he’s gay. Apparently, someone has complained about The Gay Dad. He was also informed that he can no longer wear the Scout leader shirt he was given last year because of his sexual orientation. 

Robert McTaggart, the Cubmaster for Pack 70, will allow Jon to continue as a popcorn fundraiser since that position is not considered a leadership role and can be held by a volunteer.

How nice. Let The Gay Dad work to raise money for a group of bigots and homophobes who count him as a second-class citizen.

Pat Currie, of the Circle 10 Council, a group that oversees Pack 70: “Our policy is not meant to serve as social commentary outside the Scout program. We respect people who have a different opinion from us. We just hope those same people will respect our right to have a different opinion.”

We respect those people that are different, we just don’t want them being leaders to our children.

To his credit, Jon Langbert will continue raising money through the popcorn fundraiser, which ends next month, but he won’t let this go unnoticed. He is angry the Highland Park school district allows the Boy Scouts to use its facilities in spite of their discrimination, and has contacted an attorney.

“My tax dollars are paying for their discrimination. And the next gay dad who wants to come along can’t. I’m not going to let them,” Langbert said. “My position is that the school cannot allow the use of their facilities to an organization that discriminates.”

The Boys Scouts of America.
Preaching bigotry and discrimination since 1910.




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5 responses to “>Quite a Message To Teach Our Children

  1. >I was a Boy Scout. Most of my gay friends were also Boy Scouts. So sad what they promote. I hope he wins the case.

  2. >They need to change their name to the Bigot Scouts so parents know what they're getting into when they sign their boys up.

  3. >Oh man…I've been hoping for more challenges to this bigoted, discriminatory organization that continues to get government funding and tax-exempt status! There need to be more and more challenges against this bullshit organization. Sure, let's teach our young men to "always be prepared," but let's also teach them that it's okay to discriminate on the basis of religion and sexual orientation. All-American, my ass!

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