>Architecture Wednesday

>Last time on Architecture Wednesday, I showed you the Boxcar Guesthouse, one of the smallest ever. Now, for something a little more extravagant.

from DigsDigs: 

Kaweah Falls is a modern rustic retreat home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s student Frank Robert. It’s located at the base of the Sequoia National Park, the perfect getaway for nature lovers, hikers, kayakers and so on. The main feature of this spectacular 3,000 square foot home is a river running through it–right under the dining room. It bridges to a private island with a sandy beach and a year round active waterfall. The house features 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 2 kitchens plus several private decks and porches all with amazing river views. There is also a detached 2 car garage with an office, deck, and a view of the river. This amazing house is an ideal retreat for those who are ready to escape the hassles of the city.

For those interested, we have a website for Kaweah Falls that has a YouTube video showing the water flowing under the house, more pictures and info about the history/renovation. [HERE]



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6 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday

  1. >That is beautiful! My favorite part is that little deck right on the water. OMG, I would LOVE to have that! I love water!

  2. >I would love, love, love that house until a flood came thru – had a family cabin right over a stream like that – whoooosh! all gone!

  3. >I need to be more than Rich, now

  4. >I don't care much for the furnishings and I love the house itself! All those windows!!!!!

  5. >I can tell you where I'd be most nights. See that fire pit?

  6. >I love me some Architecture porn. Ahhhhhhhh…….

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