>Tube Talk


I just loves me some Modern Family because I see myself and Carlos in that show all the time.
One minute we’re Cameron and Mitchell…obviously…but more often than not we’re also Gloria and Jay, er, Yay.
I was howling last night when the family got together and reminisced about Gloria’s difficulty with English. A doggy-dog world? A box of baby jesus’?
Reminds of someone I know.

And the Glee Rocky Horror Show was fun. I drove Carlos crazy singing the songs, and telling him about being a RHPS devotee and going to the midnight show every week. I made him shudder, when I Time Warped around the sofa.
Plus, John Stamos? Hot.
Chord Overstreet? Dear baby cheeses, er, Jesus.
Matthew Morrison? Oh man.
Best line: Sam, hating his gold lame briefs, and worrying about showing a little “nuttage.”

I caught some of The View this week, especially when Joy Behar called Sharron Angle a bitch. Loved that.
But, does anyone else think Babs should give it up. I mean, she continually tries to speak and then rambles on, nearly incoherently about her opinion.
So much of what she says makes no sense, that soon, I think we’ll be hearing her mutter things like “Soap” in response to a question about politics.
You’ve had a good run, Babs, now take a hike.

Top Chef: Just Desserts With Dawn Hand Renewal and Albertson’s and Godiva and Breyers.
Seriously, enough commercials.
This week was Bake Shop Wars, and it was fun. But then there’s Morgan, who channels Seth and the Crazy from time-to-time, and is obsessed with team Diva so much so that i think he’s a closet diva wannabe.
In a closet filled with women’s shoes.
Come out already Morgan.

And The A-List.
i know, I keep saying I hate this show, but then there I am watching it.
And, well, maybe this is why:

The Big C on Showtime.
What a great show. About cancer. Funny and sweet and sad and charming and sexy. about cancer.
Laura Linney is just amazing. And I so want to be Marlene, the neighbor, when i grow up….like I’m ever going to grow up!

Last note:
I saw Jane Fonda on Oprah yesterday.
She’s fit, fabulous and seventy-two.
But, and this is mean, but I’ma say it anyway, when Fonda stood next to Oprah, all i could do was think of Sesame Street and say, This has been brought to you by the number ten.
Yeah, Oprah really needs to dust off the Fonda workout tapes and step away from the cookies.



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3 responses to “>Tube Talk

  1. >Albertsons…. *I* shop at Albertsons. When they reel off all the ingredients I think – never seen it, not stocked, are they crazy? I do believe the Albertsons is for $how and their pantry is stocked more than usual.

  2. >Hey, you be nice to Oprah! I love Modern Family! & Glee! Are you watching "The Middle" too? OMG, that show cracks me up too! So funny!

  3. >I watched Top Chef: Just Desserts last night as usual. I am surprised you didn't comment that bitter, poopy faced, condescending Heather went home. That nasty woman deserved to go and is a far far crazier person than Morgan.To be honest, the Team Diva clique really annoyed the hell out of me, Heather especially so. I like Yigit, Zak is a bit too flamboyant for me, and, as I commented, Heather just felt her cooking was better than everyone else's, despite her lack of wins.

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