>Clint McCance Is Out……Of A Job

>Midland School Board Member Clint McCance is resigning.


Clint McCance:
“I am going to resign from the school board. It is to–to help my community, to help my school. I don’t want them to receive bad press or have a distraction because of some ignorant comments that have–that I made. If they decide later, you know, a year, five years, 10 years from now to vote me back in, if my constituents want that, then–then I will run again.”

Hopefully your constituents will have long-term memory and you will never be on any school board, anywhere, any time, ever. But then Clint McCance wants to apologize:

“I–you know, I would–would like to extend an apology, especially to those to those–to those families that have lost children, not just gay, heterosexual, all–all children that feel like suicide’s the only way out. It’s a–it saddens me, and–but especially for those five — five families that have just recently lost children. You know, I have–I have brought more hurt on them with these comments. And that was never my intention. And I apologize for that, because they don’t–they don’t deserve that. And I do feel genuinely bad for that, for them.”

Too little, too late. I might forgive, might, but I find it hard to forget that Clint McCance wished and hoped and prayed, that LGBTQ youth would kill themselves. Hopefully, he’ll learn to think before he speaks, and keep his homophobia and hate to himself.
Here’s McCance on Anderson Cooper 360:

via Towleroad



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7 responses to “>Clint McCance Is Out……Of A Job

  1. >I just don't think a person who wrote the kind of things he wrote would have such a quick change of heart. He isn't really sorry, just sorry it went so viral.

  2. PSR

    >He's also sorry he didn't realise how powerful the gay lobby has become. We're out of the box now and ain't no one going to put us back in.

  3. >"I am going to resign" is not the same as "I have resigned". I'm willing to bet he will never get around to resigning officially.The gay community will find some other sparkly object to capture their attention and this guy will go right back to being a bigoted school board member.

  4. >(his) very last comment to Anderson's final question: what if one of his kids turns out to be gay? "…I don't know at this point" truly shows that this fucking retard has no remorse.I say burn him on the cross like good christians do.

  5. >I'm with Anon here. This was forced. No one spews that much hatred and changes their mind so quickly.

  6. >he should suffer for this mess

  7. >no sympathy from my side of the fence.

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