>Do It!


The LGBT community has a lot to complain about.

I know. I’ve been complaining. I don’t think we have a fierce fierce advocate in the White House. I think he’s just an every day advocate.

We still have DADT and DOMA.
We still are considered “less than”.

But, and, of course, there is always a but…..

Vote. Dammit!

You can’t expect change without doing it.
You can’t complain without doing it.
You can’t celebrate without doing it.

Just remember, one party does support you more than the other party.
And that new party wants us back in the closet.

So…….Vote already.



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2 responses to “>Do It!

  1. >Great thoughts Bob! We do have much to push forward on in the political arena and much to accomplish within our own community. Neither are reasons not to vote. Neither are reasons to vote for those who hate us.

  2. >I voted. I did the best I could with what i had to chose from. But i felt that it was important to at the very least vote. If nothing else to send a message that we are tired of the status quo.

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