>Just So You Know


Last night, in his speech, you know, the one where he cried…I think because he won’t be able to spray tan or golf as often as he has done in the past, John Boehner uttered these words:

“it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

Really, Boehner?
NOW it’s time to get to work?
It wasn’t time when the economy collapsed two years ago under W?
It wasn’t time when we were lied to, and lead into two wars for oil?
It wasn’t time when you didn’t like Obama’s health care reform and you couldn’t come up with a single idea of your own?
It wasn’t time when every single advance proposed by the Democrats wasn’t met with questions, solutions and repsonses, but was met with “No!”?
But it’s time NOW?
You’re a little late to the party, asshat.



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2 responses to “>Just So You Know

  1. >One thing about politicians – they are wonderfully consistent.

  2. >YUP! Got nothing else.Peace <3Jay in VA

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