>Now For Some Good News…And There Is Good News


Andrew Cuomo is governor of New York, so Carl Paladino can go back to Hell.
Pro-Gay Independent Lincoln Chafee becomes governor of Rhode Island.
Harry Reid sent racist fucktard and out-and-out bigot Sharron Angle packing.
John Hickenlooper, who has expressed support for same-sex marriage, became governor of Colorado over anti-gay birther Tom Tancredo.
Barbara Boxer saved us, and California, from Carly Fiorina.
Jerry Brown is governor of California [again!] and Nutmeg Whitless spent $150 million for nothing.
Providence Mayor David Cicilline is the nation’s fourth openly gay member of the House.
Martin O’Malley, a pro-marriage governor, is reelected in Maryland.
Barney Frank’s win is a big F.U. to GOProud and their anti-gay candidate.
West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin’s win means the Dems have a slim margin in the Senate.
John Lynch, pro-marriage governor, wins reelection in New Hampshire.
And, while I am not surprised, Christine O’Donnell is now Christine O’Gonnell [special thanks to Ivan at Queer Iv because I “borrowed” his headline]. 


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3 responses to “>Now For Some Good News…And There Is Good News

  1. NG

    >I'm just saying… don't celebrate Cuomo's victory too much… you'll know what I mean soon enough.As for Martin O'Malley, I suspect he's a pro marriage equality because he wants to distract attention away from the fact he once had an affair with Sade Baderinwa and fired his chief of police because he was going to blow the whistle on all his corruption.In fact, there's a story here in New York, that Sade's hit and run incident several years in New York was no accident and totally related.Now that he's won, time will now tell whether he is truly a marriage equality advocate.

  2. >Good positive recap Bob. Not exactly the stuff of dreams, but certainly much better than it could have been.

  3. >And! California elected the first ever transgender judge!

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