>Let Us Not Forget: You Asked For It America


So, what about these elections, huh?
Sweeping change!
Historic shift in power not seen since 1938!
A mandate for the President!

See, it isn’t sweeping change because, although the power shifted from one side to the other, as it most always does during midterm elections, we’re seeing the same faces we saw before the election. 

How, my friends, is that change? Real change would have been to offer up a big FU to all those lifelong politicians and send all of them home. Real change would have been to vote out the people who don’t voice our opinion and replace them with someone who does.

Not just vote out that guy. And replace him with that other guy. See, even in exit polls, the very night of this historic election, most people said they didn’t think the Republicans will do a better job than has been done so far.

Sweeping change? How about sweeping all our ills under the Congressional rug?

First up we had crybaby John Boehner, who has been in office TWENTY years, so do you think he has your best interests at heart or his own, saying that after the elections it was time to “roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

And, do you know why he said that? Simple, for the last twenty months or so, the Republicans haven’t been working. They’ve been bitching and moaning and standing in the way and saying No. Gosh darn it, no!

How does that help? Where were their solutions to the ills of the country? Where was their health care bill? Their Wall Street reform? Their solution to the bail-out?

Right, they didn’t offer one, because they stood in the aisles and said No. Very productive.

And now, in addition to Speaker-Of-The-Spray-Tan, er, House, Boehner, we have Senate Minority Fucktard Mitch McConnell saying it should be this Congress’ goal to make sure that Obama was a one-term President.

Huh? WTF? Huh?

That’s your goal? Not coming up with a health care plan that y’all might like better than the one that passed already? Not coming up with a plan to end this economic downfall or create new job or find new sources of energy or catch bin Laden or get out of Afghanistan and Iraq?

You just want to make sure Obama goes back to Chicago in two years?

Well, Mitch, you work on that, and then, in twenty months or so, when you have done nothing to help this country get out of the economic mess, when you have seen to it that the richest of Americans get the biggest tax breaks, when you’ve turned your back on health care, maybe you’ll be on a bus back home, out of a job. A job you’ve held for twenty-five years and what, exactly, have you accomplished in that time, other then voting the way your cronies vote?

If that doesn’t sound good, Mitch, might I suggest actually working with both sides to do what’s best for the country and not simply what’s best for your party and your job and your income?



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2 responses to “>Let Us Not Forget: You Asked For It America

  1. >Well said. McConnell and Boehner have both said they are willing the "compromise". But the trouble is, they've both said that they only way they will "compromise" is if the President moves to the right and does what they want. So, remind me how that's a compromise, Mitch? John, you got anything for me?Oh, that's right, you only want to work on keeping the President AND the American people down on our luck. And that, of course, will help the Corporations and superrich. And that's what it's all about.

  2. Joy

    >Good post! They tried to make the Repugs compromise, they said, "No! No! No!"

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