>Thanks DD!

>Well, I was having a fair-to-middling week here in Smallville. Winter is setting in and it’s been dreary and rainy and cold. But then, what’s this, one day I went to the mailbox, opened it, a ray of sunshine flew forth from it. A package, all the way from NEW YORK CITY, was inside.

 Ooooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaah.

And, in that package was a gift from the La Grande Duchess de Dust Bunnies, Her Serene Highness, David Dust. I had been awarded–well, maybe not awarded, but I won—well, maybe not won, but I did leave my email address in a post at DavidDust–an official Rona Green Bunny bookmark. [website HERE]
Hey. Don’t hate. Maybe, one day, you’ll get lucky, too.
See, this isn’t your grandfather’s bookmark. Oh, sure, it saves your place in your latest novel, or porn magazine, but it has many other uses, too.
I stopped by the Smallville Arby’s…..whipped out my Rona Green Bunny bookmark…..Free curly fries.
Speeding home from work down US 1, I was stopped by a trooper…..I reached into my pants and whipped out my…….Rona Green Bunny bookmark……no ticket.
The bookmark made my bed this morning, and then did a load of laundry.
It’s outside raking leaves in the yard even as I type this.
It’s amazing. And, it looks good slipped between the pages of, what else, Patti LuPone, A Memoir….and…….Oops, gotta run, my Rona Green Bunny bookmark needs the keys to the car so it can do the grocery shopping for me.
Thanks DD.


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4 responses to “>Thanks DD!

  1. >Too bad it didn't arrive in time for voting – you could have a different governor!!All hail the power of the bunny!

  2. >Just wait until you see what kind of power that bookmark wields over all men named "Carlos" (including your husband) :)Also works on "Juan", "Julio", "Antonio", "Pedro" and "Esteban", etc…Enjoy!XOXOXO

  3. >I'm in Cleveland on the stoop in the sleet waiting for my bunny to arrive along with tickets to Hawaii. My shovel is going to have the most spectacular funeral ever. I am throwing it into a volcano along with Rosebud. That bitch.

  4. Joy

    >My magnet didn't get the memo. Wait! I think I hear it cleaning the kitchen now! Bunny Power!!

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