>Free Speech Works Both Ways


There once was a preacher in Greenville, South Carolina who saw two lesbians on the street and called them “faggots” and said they were “going to hell.”

He was arrested for, and convicted of, violating a city ordinance prohibiting humiliating, offensive, scary or obscene comments. 

This week South Carolina’s high court overturned the conviction of Joseph Bane, saying that Greenville city ordinance is too vague to be enforced and is therefore unconstitutional.

His attorney argued that police can use that ordinance to threaten people, restricting their free speech rights, while attorneys for the city of Greenville say they just want to protect people from harassment.

Guess what? I agree with the court.

Who’da thunk it.

Now, obviously, as one of the faggots to whom Bane must assuredly object, I don’t want to be subjected to name-calling on the streets of Greenville, or even Smallville, but when do we tell people they don’t have the right to voice their opinion? See, while I don’t like what Bane said, that day back in ’07, but he is entitled to his opinion.

Just like I have the right to say, right here, right now, that Joseph Bane an obnoxious, delusional, quite possibly morally ambiguous, asshatted, self-righteous-prick-fucktard, who wouldn’t know the true word of god if it flew out of his ass and bitchslapped him clear across the state. 

See how that works?




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4 responses to “>Free Speech Works Both Ways

  1. >LOL! Like your free speech!

  2. >So, Bob. How do you really feel? You're a breath of fresh air as always!

  3. >I agree with you wholly and completely. We don't have to like what they have to say, but we have to love the very fact that it can be said. When you are all fired up? You are a total firebrand, and i totally love it. Hey, honey? Hide the guns and the liquor, Bob's on the march.

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