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It seems that Courtney is back on the Big Trouble Bus.

Last week she was invited to Paul Haggis’ Artists for Peace and Justice fund-raiser for Haitian schools and ALLEGEDLY stirred up a heap’o’trouble.As only CLove can do.
First, she made a spectacle of herself at the event’s auction, getting into a rather nasty bidding war with Gerard Butler over a tea date with Adrien Brody.

I know. let’s digest that tidbit before we move on.
Gerard Butler wanted a tea date with Adrien Brody so badly he was bidding and bidding against Courtney Love. Care to tell us something Gerard? You like a little “tea”  with the boys?

Meanwhile, back at CLove. She won the bidding war, offering $17,000 for Tea With Adrien, but then she bid frantically for a walk-on role in Haggis’ next film because, well, CLove would need to pay someone to be in their film, and not the other way round.

Then things got really weird.

CLove, on an ALLEGED champagne and gin and whiskey and cocaine and meth bender began to stumble around the room, stopping at random tables and shrieking at random people, and then staring at their food.

To top it off, late in the night, CLove was ALLEGEDLY found in the dressing room of the band Axixs, while they were performing, “rummaging through their purses.”

Of course, when spotted with her hands in the Birken bag, CLove stood aside, and politely asked “if they had any makeup for her to use.” Then she went back to the bags, pulling out makeup she liked and pocketed it.

Axixs members ended up tossing out everything for hygienic reasons.

CLove, Part Deaux

CLove has apologized to a journalist for being drunk during her interview with the New York Times.

Oh yeah, and for being naked, too.

While CLove, whose life since husband, Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain’s suicide sixteen years ago, has been nothing short of spectacular rises and failures, has been working hard lately to position herself as a “reformed” CLove in an attempt to mend her relationship with her estranged 18-year-old daughter Frances Bean.
The NYT interview began with Love copping to being “slightly” drunk, after she kept reporter Eric Wilson waiting over an hour for her arrival. But then she also apologized for appearing for the interview devoid of clothing.

Oh, she did slip into a pair of underwear she claimed cost $4,000, and a trench coat before walking through the hotel lobby with her breasts exposed.

The next day, CLove apologized to Wilson with a text message that said a mixture of the anti-depressant drug Zoloft and a cocktail was responsible for her wild behavior: “I’m so humiliated. That simply isn’t me. It has been, but I haven’t been such a mess for quite some time. I trust you understand that our hearts can take us all to dark and ill timed places.”

Takes us places, gets us drunk, and then removes our clothes. ALLEGEDLY.

People say Jessica Alba is gorgeous. Now, I don’t know about that; I’ve seen prettier girls at The Waffle House on US 1 in Smallville.
But, one thing you never hear folks say about Alba is how smart she is.

Case in point:
This is Jessica Alba, talking about actors and scripts:

“Good actors never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say.”
See, Jessica is so good that she simply makes up her own lines for her roles. But then realizing that most of her roles are truly awful, well, maybe she has something there.

But, not according to screenwriter John August:

“I have to believe she was misquoted, or excerpted in some unflattering way … Oh, Jessica. Where to start? … Following your logic, you’ve never been in a movie with both good actors and amazing writing. That may be true, but it might hurt the feelings of David Wain, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. … Screenwriters can be your best friends. We are pushovers for attractive people who pay attention to us. I wrote that bathtub scene in Big Fish because Jessica Lange made brief eye contact with me. So if you’re not getting great writing — and honestly, you’re not — ask to have lunch with the screenwriter. I’ve seen you on interviews. You’re charming. That charm could work wonders.”
Think of that Jessica, while you wade through more scripts like Valentine’s Day and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and The Eye and The Love Guru.

So, let me get this queer.

Charlie Sheen ALLEGEDLY hired a hooker…oops, porn star…got nekkid, got drunk, ALLEGEDLY did oodles of coke, and had a complete meltdown, but he calls it “one bad night.”

What exactly does Sheen consider a disaster?

The actor[?] drug addict, alcohol, spousal abuser, recently spoke out over the now infamous incident at the Plaza Hotel, and all he has to say is:
“If a guy has one bad night everybody goes insane and panics… I’m not panicking. The way I look at it, if you have expensive tastes, you gotta be prepared for expensive losses. Doing great, just finished a show… [I’m] back to work. Everything’s good, everything’s good.”

Everthing’s good.

Hookers. Coke. Booze. Psychotic break.
Don’t worry about how your insane behavior affects your children, all those ex-wives, and the hookers in the closets that you terrorized for not stealing your wallet.
He’s a sick fuck, isn’t he?

Perhaps taking a page from the CLove Interview Handbook there are ALLEGATIONS out of Sweden that Keith Richards got into a little row with a journalist and physically attacked him during their interview.

Richards is currently out promoting his new autobiography and granted the Swedish publication Aftonbladets a 30-minute interview without knowing who the reporter was.
Well, turns out the reporter was Markus Larsson, who back in 2007, gave the Rolling Stones a scathing concert review, describing them as “amateurs.”
Now, most folks agree that the Stones are one of the biggest and best rock bands in the world, and one could assume that the boys in the band know that, too.
But Larsson’s review has always stuck with Richards and, having never forgotten the slight, he got into a fierce argument with the reporter once he realized who he was.
Richards demanded a public apology.
Larsson refused.
It ALLEGEDLY got ugly.
According to sources–and by sources I mean the trainers who handle Keith Richards and keep him upright and as coherent as possible–the “meeting ended with the rock star threatening Markus Larsson and hitting him in the head.”
And Larsson, in his write-up, says that Richards hissed, “You’re lucky to get out of here alive” before leaving.
Keith? Build a bridge and get over it. You’re got millions to spend on your excesses and one little bad review sends you over the edge?


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2 responses to “>I Ain’t One To Gossip, But……

  1. >Her eyes in that first picture are really freaky to look at. I have to admit when Courtney first burt onto the music scene with her band – I loved reading about all the trashy drama. Remember when she crashed the Kurt Loder interview of Madonna at the MTV awards? However, now it just seems a bit sad.

  2. >Jessica Alba is beautiful but she's also what we call Box Office Poison. Any movie she's in is almost guaranteed to be a stinker.

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