>This Gives Me Hope


I have five nieces, all wonderful, all lovely, all special.

But one of them, Ashley, is going to Mexico this month with her church to help build houses for a family that doesn’t have a home. She sent Carlos and me a letter, asking if we could help her church with the expenses for them to take this journey, and we sent some money to them.
This morning, on Facebook, Ashley sent me a message. I don’t think she’d mind if I share it:

Subject: Thank You!
I got your money yesterday. I will be sending a more appropriate thank you once i return from Mexico, but I really want to thank you and Uncle Carlos for what you have done for me. Not just with this, although you two are definitely a blessing, but for everything. I look at my flute and think of Uncle Carlos and how amazing you both are. Thank you for loving me and loving each other. It is inspiring to me. I’ll send you pictures when I get back. I love you Uncle Bobby.

See, I read the news too much, and then post about it and rant about it and fume about it. Kids bullying kids; kids arbitrarily using the words “faggot” and “gay” to mean something stupid or bad.
And then I get this, from my niece, and it instills the hope in me, once again, that things will indeed get better.
I love you, too, Ashley.
Have a fabulous trip.



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6 responses to “>This Gives Me Hope

  1. >That's really nice to see

  2. >This brought a tear to my eye….wonderful. You should speak about your nieces more often!Gladys

  3. >That is so sweet! I have a niece that's been going on missionary trips and asks for donations. A LOT! It's getting a bit pricey.

  4. >That is awesome. I hope all goes well in Mexico.

  5. >What a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing.

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