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Top Chef: Just Desserts and Dawn hand Renewal is over.
Yigit won. Finally! A good win.
Morgan is such a two-faced homophobic, probably closeted, wingnut. When he called Zac a fairy this week, i wanted to reach into my TV and strangle him. And after the final competition, when most competitors talk about how great the competition went, he simply said Yigit and Danielle’s food was boring.
Go back to Texas, Morgan, and stay in the closet and stay angry and bitter, and apparently, alone.
Yigit won.
Cutie-patootie-fresh-and-frootie, Yigit!

The Fashion Show is cray-cray.
That Calvin is so obnoxious and full of himself and completely unintelligible.
Listen to the picture!
Um, yeah.
But, I haven’t seen to much that I find really great about the show. This weeks “Inner Workings Of The Body As Fashion” challenge was weird. Not one of their designs, save Cesar’s, looked remotely like the inner-working of any body.
But Cesar’s little blood-vessel string–and yes, for those of you not watching, I said, Blood-vessel strings–looked more like a macrame project gone wrong. In fact, the whole dress reminded me of a Native American Dream Catcher that I bought on the “reservation” at the Grand Canyon when I was a wee gay lad.
And that is one dream i don’t want to catch.

I saw some of The View this week and once again I’ll say it: Barbara Walters has become a dotty old bag who thinks her opinion matters most.
And, I found this odd Walter’s behavior, until I learned that she has an interview coming up with Mama Grizzly Bore and then it all made sense. Babs is the spokeswoman for the Palin clan, acting as thought they can do no wrong and bashing Levi Johnston at every turn.
Hey Babs, Levi couldn’t have impregnated Blister [again, thanks to WonderMan for the name] if she hadn’t opened her legs, so quit laying the whole unwed pregnancy at his feet.
In fact, Babs, go knit, or something.

Oprah had Barbra Streisand on this week, and of course, the interview featured a great deal of Oprah asking Barbra questions, and then answering them herself. Oprah asked how James Brolin handles being married to Barbra Streisand, and then proceeded to tell us that her partner, Steadman, and her husband, Gayle, aren’t bothered by the lights of glory that shine on Oprah because they are content with being her minions and keeping her fed and clothed and fed.
Seriously, the only thing bigger than Oprah’s ass is her ego, and it’s ginormous.

Now, I have a confession to make.
I.Loathe.Gwyneth Paltrow.
Pompous arrogant pseudo-British tart.
But then i saw this week’s Glee, and she was fun and sang well, and did some nice comedic bits. I got to thinking that when Gwyneth acts less Gwyneth, she seems almost human.
But enough about her.
The scene where Mercedes is eating dinner with Kurt and Blaine, and they keep talking about gay things like Vogue and Patti LuPone, and then she just hears them keep saying Gay Gay Gay Gay, until a purse falls from Kurt’s mouth was priceless!

Meanwhile, back at The View, megachurch pastor, and forced smiler, Joel Osteen was on again to promote a book he wrote about Christmas, or hating gay people, or something. Now, I ain’t sayin’ he’s a friend of Dorothy’s or that he should have his own show on Bravo, or that, like Kurt, there’s a purse there somewhere, but he’s hiding a little something something. There’s a vibe, if you will, a radar, of sorts.
But I loved when Whoopi and Joy took him to task over his statements about gay people not being “God’s best.”

And I am getting hooked on The Event.
Not hooked like Lost hooked, but i am enjoying the unfolding of the stories.
When it first came on and they started doing those flashbacks, you….Thirteen years ago…….Five weeks ago……This morning over coffee….I was kind of annoyed, but now they make sense, and they give you a better idea of why the characters are acting the way they do today.
Still, when it flashes across the screen…Sixty-six years ago….I almost gagged.

And then we have The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.
Poor Camille Grammer. We are inching closer and closer to the episode where Camille will be forced to admit that she is not Mrs Kelsey Gramme,r wife of the Greatest Actor On Earth. But until then, we get great Camille moments, like when she tries to mother here children and she looks at them like they’re pest or something. Seriously, i think she’s prefer to keep them in cages with water bottles and wheels than actually have to act like a mother.
And this week, when we learned that Camille’s mother, to whom she is very close, yet buys her a house 3,000 miles away, has cancer, I thought we’d see human Camille, talking about Mom. Instead, we get how inconvenient all the tests are that Camille has to endure to make sure she doesn’t develop the same cancer, because, you know, she has to fly from coast-to-coast, strip pole to strip pole, and that’s hard.
Camille Grammer. Ex.

What are you watching?



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2 responses to “>Tube Talk

  1. >I was surprised that Bravo did not leave out Morgan's comments on Zac. Talk about bullying language and it's okay? Morgan had many other moments to be true to his personality.

  2. >You know how I feel about Camille….lol, and I cannot bring myself to watch The View anymore. I miss Rosie and I never thought I'd say that! Lord help me.

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