>I’m Still A Little Incensed


By way of disclaimer, I loathe the Mama Grizzly Bore–note, I won’t be using her name because, well, it’s my blog and I’ll name-call if I want; I mean, she coined the name, I merely switched an animal for an emotion, but…….

I loathe everything about her. Her media whoring, well, her FOXNews media whoring since she’s too afraid to speak to anyone else. Her holier-than-thou narcissism. I loathe the idea that she seems to know where the “real” America is, and in doing so, makes sure that you know that if you don’t live in the heartland, or Alaska, you aren’t a true American. 

I loathe the fact that she pretends to know what’s best for this country in terms of politics and policy and yet she can’t even be bothered to finish a job she was elected to do. But what I loathe more–and to be fair, I would say I hate her, but Grandma taught me to never hate anyone, so i say loathe….or dislike intensely–what I loathe more, is her hypocrisy, and her notion that her family is a bunch of idyllic perfect little angels who can do know wrong.

I mean, Mama Grizzly Bore is that religious rightwing neanderthal conservative who believes children should learn abstinence only, and not be educated to know what to do to protect them, not just from an unwanted pregnancy but from a slew of STDs that could harm them, or even kill them. No, abstinence is the only way. 

Until your daughter gets knocked up. Then it becomes the “everyone makes mistakes but she’s owning up to it” line. And she holds Blister up as some paragon of virtue who got knocked up by a pseudo porn star, but is doing the best she can. Blister takes no blame in this; it was The Johnston who did this to her.

And then came The Quitting. remember how it wasn’t her fault, but the fault of the media that she wouldn’t be able to do her job? Nothing in the MGB’s life is her fault; the blame goes squarely in another direction. She was elected to do a job, and then chose to leave that post, ignore the fact that Alaskans had trusted her at her word, and move on…to what? Book deals and speaking engagements. It was less politics and more pocketbook for MGB. To be sure, she still spouted her political rehetoric, as out of touch and backwards and pandering, as it is, but she wasn’t a politician. She became a celebrity.

And used her “celebrity” to voice her opinion on anything and everything.

Remember the whole Rahm Emanuel and “the retard” comment. To be fair, it was inappropriate, and I don’t care if it was said in private. Even I know that privacy doesn’t really exist anymore these days, with blogs–yes, even this one–and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. Privacy has gone the way of the dinosaur. So, Emanuel doesn’t get points for saying “retard” in private.

But MGB went off, reminding all of us that she is the mother of a special needs child and took the offense personally. Yeah, okay, I’ll give her that. But, with recent events you realize she wasn’t speaking as the mother of a special needs child, she was speaking as a pundit, a mouthpiece, a voice in the dark, trying to play, once again, the blame game, the victim card, the anti-liberal.

So, this is where I get incensed. And, yes, believe it or not, during this whole rant, I wasn’t really incensed, but I am now.

I don’t get the MGB silent treatment on angelic daughter Willow’s bigoted homophobic bullying rant on Facebook this week, where she targeted one young boy because he posted that he didn’t like the MGB’s reality show/political ad. Willow called the boy a “faggot” and MGB stayed silent, even knowing how many young people have committed suicide after enduring these same taunts. Willow told the boy that he was “so gay,” even though we know how this in an onset problem of bullying. This incenses me, because “retard” is wrong, but for the Palin family “faggot” is perfectly fine.

So, where was the feisty Mama Grizzly Bore, taking her daughter to task? I mean, she went after a politician, but leaves her daughter alone? Her daughters, actually, because even abstinence preaching single unwed mother Blister got into tbullying act on Facebook. Oh, and no need to go looking for the Facebook exchange. The account was deleted.
It’s as if it never happened.

And this also incenses me. MGB asks that “real” Americans take responsibility, and yet she takes none. She asks for transparency, but tells us to ignore the wannabe presidential candidate behind the curtain. She wants us to teach our children one thing while her family moves in the opposite direction.  She wants the name-calling to stop, unless it’s her family calling the names.

Understand, she is not a politician; she is not a viable presidential candidate; she is a celebrity, out for a paycheck. Look at what she’s done since quitting politics halfway through her term as governor. Write books. Get a job as a FOXNews commentator. Star in a reality show. Go on speaking engagements. And living the multi-millionaire high life while telling us that she understands our frustration or our pain or our struggles.

This is not a politician. This is a hypocrite.

And it incenses me.

Getting down from the soapbox.
Carry on.



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7 responses to “>I’m Still A Little Incensed

  1. >>it was The Johnston who did this to her.<Okay, I wish I could have used this line when I worked for Planned Parenthood… lololol

  2. >You spoke everything I feel. However I'd like to add one more thought. I feel that the mainstream media is encouraging her. When I turn on my computer and see on AOL News something like "Palin blasts Obama" the impression given is that this woman is an expert and knows something. I am also pissed that the media gave her a pass when she was running for VP, but raked Hillary over the coals. The only newsperson who stood up to her was Katy Couric. I apologize for the long rant, but it feels so good to let it out.

  3. >hypocrite with all caps!!!grrr…

  4. >I agree with you 100%. And I blame John McCain for introducing her and her family to us. If only he'd left her alone in Alaska.

  5. >You have every right to be pissed off. And I can't wait to see if the rumors are true that Willow might be preggers. The National Enquirer isn't outright saying it, but they're hinting at it.

  6. >Since you're not supposed to say it, I will. I HATE HER and her trailer trash family that she tries to pass off as wholesome!I would dump the entire tea party in Alaska Sound but I love crab and don't want them dying from all the pollution.

  7. J

    >The whole Palin family is a bunch of dimwits. The media just loves these imbeciles and has to keep throwing them in our faces. Palin this, Palin that, who gives a crap about the Palins? A discussion with a dead orangutan would be more thought provoking then listening to the quitters drivel.

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