>Christmas Tree Tour


So, the other night Carlos and I set up the Christmas tree, and, well, I must pat myself on the back because I refrained from being a little too Martha “Adolf” Stewart while we decorated.
Our tree is an eclectic mix of traditional balls, and then some odds’n’ends kind of ornaments we picked up in different spots. The tree doesn’t have a theme–we don’t do themes–it’s simply a mishmash of what i like and what Carlos likes, with a little of what we both like thrown in.
So, without further ado, a Christmas Tree tour……


A little handmade ornament we got in Asheville;
it reminds me of African art dolls.

We have the Three Wise Men–he’s just one–but
ours are Asian.

Carlos loves Cappuchino.

Carlos also loves shiny things.

One of us is this……..

The other one is this.

And what’s a tree without a gift?

And I found three of these cheesy
glitter trees,
and of course bought them all!

And finally, what’s Christmas without a wish?



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9 responses to “>Christmas Tree Tour

  1. >Very loverly!We will only decorate the top half this year. Puppies would eat any ornaments on the bottom half.

  2. >The cappuchino ornament is beyond cool!

  3. >That is awesome. I really like the cappuccino ornaments, too.

  4. >It's beautiful. I prefer to not do a theme either. I love the mish mash of ornaments.

  5. >Love your tree! What a nice reflection of both of you!

  6. Joy

    >Very pretty and has meaning – that's what I like, too. I have ornaments from students, some from when I had my first tree, some from travels, etc. Fun to be reminded and to add to it. Glad you restrained your OCD with the decorating.

  7. Joy

    >Froggy's tree is decorated in self-defense! I've had to do that with cats or put ones that can be mauled on the bottom. That makes me smile.

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