>I Didn’t Say It…….

>Darren Criss, on playing gay for Glee:

“After having gotten to know the show a little bit, I was really excited to see that a character like this—such a strong gay character, especially a young, male, out-and-proud teen—was going to make its way onto network television, much less Fox. This is the first time I’d really seen an out student that was so young and innocent and really struggling with the big ordeal that it is to be an out student at such an early age. When other shows present the gay character thing, it’s typically been in much more adult situations, like gay men living in New York or closeted men who are married and struggling with that ordeal, but never really the core of the journey of defining your sexuality…Blaine offers a beautiful counter to that and makes such a great addition to the many-colored palette that is Glee. So as far as me having any reservations about it, no. I read it being like, this would be so cool, whoever gets to play this, it’s going to be a great thing for an already great show…[Blaine’s sexuality is] just kind of matter of fact. It’s a really positive thing, and I feel very privileged to be the vessel for that, and I hope it speaks to a lot of people who struggle to find a model for who they are and where they fit in.”
And speaking as a viewer, it’s nice to see a portrayal of a young gay man that isn’t a stereotype, or isn’;t played for laughs or pity.
When Kurt first appeared on Glee I was worried he would take the joke route, but because the public embraced the character, he has now become the centerpiece of the shows better stories.
Singer Nelly Furtado, on LGBT rights in Canada versus the US:
“I’m proud to live in Canada, a country that supports gay marriage, because I can speak openly about it to my child. Children shouldn’t be raised in a bubble. There’s nothing wrong with it, so why wouldn’t I treat it as normal? Nothing makes me more brokenhearted than seeing people who feel they can’t be themselves. It’s such a crime. God, it’s so hard and horrible to be a teenager, and the virtual way young people communicate nowadays makes them feel even more disconnected. My advice [to troubled gay teens] is to reach out and find somebody you can relate to, because human interaction can heal those wounds.”
We are so far behind the times in this country. We see ourselves as so progressive, while the rest of the world marches ahead.
We need to learn to treat people equally from birth; no one is better than anyone else, some of us, or some of you, are just different.
And different is good.

Carrie Ann Inaba, on whether Dancing With The Stars should have another Palin:
“I think one Palin was enough for awhile. I think we need to go on a Palin vacation for a minute… Although it was great media attention, I think it was too controversial. I think people got confused about what they were rooting for: Are you voting for dancing on the show or are you voting for a Party? I think that made it very uncomfortable for a lot of people who just want to see a dance competition. I like to keep it simple. I think it diluted the nature of the competition.”
I don’t know from Carrie Ann Inaba, since I’ve never seen the show, but I agree with her 100%.
Okay, well, maybe 99%. I don’t think we need a minute long Palin vacation, I’d like to see it become permanent.
Best never to hear from that pack of media-whoring losers again.
Glenn Beck, asshatting on Muslims, er, Islamic terrorists:
“What is the number of Islamic terrorists? 1 percent? I think it’s closer to ten percent but the rest of the PC world will tell you, ‘oh no, it’s miniscule [sic].’ Well, OK, let’s take you at your one percent. Look at the havoc one percent of Muslims causing in the rest of the world. You don’t think one percent, half a percent of people here in the United States of radicals, of people who want to violently overthrow the government of the United States, is a problem?”
Hmmm, but what about all your Teabaggers, Glenn? They’re threatening to overthrow the government, aren’t they?
Oh, is it because they’re mostly white men that it’s okay?
Pamela Grothaus, columnist for the Naples News, on homosexuals: 
“I don’t think I have ever met a homosexual who didn’t inform me of his or her homosexuality within minutes of our introduction. This has happened to me several times—with co-workers, clients, and, yes, even military personnel. I really didn’t care to know, didn’t need to know, and probably would have guessed anyway. Why do these people so desperately want to be identified, above all else, by their sexual preference? I certainly don’t feel compelled to announce my sexuality to anyone and everyone I meet. Can you imagine? Hi, I’m Pam, and I’m a heterosexual writer.”
But, Miami Herald columnist Steve Rothaus notes that the very first sentence of Grothaus’ online bio says: “While I was busy building a marriage, raising two kids, and forging a career over three decades, the America I took for granted morphed into a nation I barely recognize today.”
No, she doesn’t announce her orientation in minutes, she announces it in just over five words……mere seconds.
Charles M. Blow, columnist for the New York Times:
“She’s the Zsa Zsa Gabor of American politics. She once did something noteworthy, but she’s now just famous for being famous. She was a vice presidential nominee. But she lost. She was the governor of Alaska. But she quit. Now she’s just a political personality — part cheerleader, part bomb-thrower — being kept afloat in part by the hackles of her enemies and the people who admire her resilience in the face of them. The left’s outsize and unrelenting assault on her has made her a folk hero. The logic goes that if she’s making people on the left this upset, she must be doing something right.”
In case you weren’t sure, he talking about Mama Grizzly Bore, or Caribou Barbie, or Moose Mess, AKA Blister’s gun-totin’, manicure-wearin’, g-droppin’ Mama.



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5 responses to “>I Didn’t Say It…….

  1. >Darren Criss makes me swoon. Great looking, open-minded and nice. Love him!That's a great quote from Nelly Furtado

  2. >I love the Blaine character and wish I could have been as proud and matter-of-fact as he is when I was in high school. I hate that they are away in a private school, and can't wait until Kurt and Blaine leave the school and come to McKinley.

  3. >>Pamela Grothaus< LOLOLOL! Good catch!

  4. >On Glenn Beck talking about terrorists, he should be reminded of the infamous Ku Klux Klan; how those (american citizens) chased, burned, hung, and terrorised other fellow american citizens in their own homeland…

  5. >Maybe Grothaus should introduce herself as a hetero writer. Publishers always tell us writers to use fewer words to say the same things all the time. LOL!

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