>Architecture Wednesday: The Most Amazing Villa In Mexico


Now, this is where i would want to vacation…..
from DigsDigs:
The history of this villa has started in 1968 when a young Italian named Gian Franco Brignione saw these bays and lagoons from a small plane.
Nowadays it is one of the most amazing villas in Costa Careyes, Mexico.
Breathtaking views and the infinity pool are things that make it so unique, exclusive and luxury.The three bedrooms in the main house have direct pool access and are complemented by a tower bedroom suite and two bungalows accessible by an electric gondola.
This beauty can be rented to spend a perfect weekend there.
Who’s in?



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8 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: The Most Amazing Villa In Mexico

  1. >We'll meet you there on Friday.

  2. >Hmm, I don't know… the neighbors are probably noisy or soemthing.

  3. >My inner geologist is freaking out about the placement of the cliff-side moat, but my inner designer is saying, "Gaaaaah" *drool*

  4. Joy

    >I'm in! (even though you know I'm freaked out by infinity pools like that) I can do it!

  5. Joy

    >Oh, this is funny! I just remembered that I dreamed I was at a vacation house with you and quite a few others. It was fun!

  6. >What I wouldn't give to be there right now.

  7. >I'm officially jealous of something. There are no words to adequately describe the villa in the photos. One look at it and you feel like there is only the villa. That's something.

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