>I Am Off….


….to the emergency room for a look-see at my mystery ailment.
Oh, not in an ambulance, but in Carlos’ car. But, you know, being a big old queen, I does like to over-dramatize things!
Oy! Merry Christmas to me.
But I do have an “I Didn’t Say It….” planned. so there is that.
Hopefully, I’ll be back later.


Filed under Bob, Carlos, Hospital, Sick

5 responses to “>I Am Off….

  1. >Feel better!!! Illness sucks, and not in a good way.

  2. >Just remember to relax between contractions…Awww, I'm sorry Bob. Bad joke I know. I sure hope there is nothing seriously wrong. Take it easy this weekend.

  3. Joy

    >Cats like it when we're sick and immobile until they want us to get up and do something for them. It's all about them. I get that.

  4. >I hope everything will be okay

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