I’ll keep this short and sweet because, between the swelling and the itch and the burning and the pus, well, short and sweet is all I can manage.
Still sick.
Getting better, though.



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12 responses to “>Updating………..

  1. Sam

    >Getting better is great news, here's hoping for a fast a speedy recovery.

  2. >Glad to hear you're feeling better but did you get a diagnosis? I goggled the two you mentioned and am really hoping it's not shingles (which could enable you to give Chickenpox to anyone who hasn't had them yet.)

  3. >I'm glad your getting better and please tell us what you've got. I hope it's not a virus you can give us over the internet.JK.

  4. >I managed to pick up a cold that kept me up all last night. But still I'll take the cold over what you have. SO GLAD to hear you are mending!

  5. >Oh dear! When I read your symptoms, the first thing I thought was "Staph." Either that or Strep can cause impetigo. I hope they've got you on some heavy duty antibiotics, and I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend. Take care of yourself! XOXO

  6. >Terrible timing, but try to take it easy.

  7. Joy

    >Is this definitely shingles or what?

  8. >Oh! Get better soon our intrepid blogger! I'm hoping for a fast mend for you. hugs…….well very long distance virtual hugs!

  9. >I'm glad you're feeing better. I'm finally over my cold but others working around me are still sick.

  10. >Did you find out what you have yet Bob! It sounds just awful, but please take good care, and take it easy. Why do I feel itchy now…….

  11. >What an awful time to be sick. Sure hope you feel better soon!

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