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Well, I had a follow-up visit with the doctor for my Shingles, and it was, all in all, a good report. It’s been roughly two-and-a-half-weeks since they began, and I am getting better every day.
The scabs on my face are dropping like flies, although the original one, right above my right eyebrow, is taking it’s sweet time to depart. I have been off work since the 17th of December due to the fact that Shingles is contagious, but more importantly due to the fact that i look like someone took a baseball bat to my head. I should be able to return to work next week–fingers crosses, and I can’t believe I’m saying that but I am bored out of my mind.
I have one more follow-up in two weeks, though, and hopefully, this madness will be nothing but a dim memory.

That wacky Pat Robertson believes god sent the blizzard to the northeast because god wanted to keep the gays from going out and doing gay things.
Note to Pat: We can stay in and do gay things.
Note # 2 to Pat: What about the straight folks that were hampered by the blizzard? Was god pissed at them because they were gonna do straight stuff?
Seriously, anyone who finds this wingnut even remotely Christ-like needs to have their faith examined.

Mama Grizzly Bore is talking again about her gaffe over the summer when she Tweeted the here-to0-fore non-existent word “refudiate.” On her “reality” show, AKA paid political program, she  maintained that it was a typo, that her hand slipped off the ‘p’in repudiate and landed on the ‘f’ key.
Sound logic except for the notion that the ‘p’ nowhere near the ‘f’ key unless you have thumbs the size of a loaf of bread, or you’re just a dumbass.
I think MGB falls into the later, since before the ‘refudiated’ Tweet, she actually used the word ‘refudiate’ on Faux News.
Stupid is as stupid does.

I saw a bit of The Kennedy Center Honors the other night. Paul McCartney was honored, along with Bill T Jones, Merle Haggard, Jerry Herman and, well, Big Fat Headed Oprah.
All the tributes were fun and joyous. The McCartney one was filled with old Beatles tunes, and the Jerry Herman salute was all Broadway all the time, and featured my Boyfriend-In-My-Head, Matt Bomer. The Bill T Jones tribute was a spectacular salute to dance and choreography and triumph of will. Merle Haggard, well, I am not much of a fan, but a little Sheryl Crow with Willie nelson was a welcome treat.
The there was O.
Sitting up in the balcony like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. Bloated and egotistical, and responding to the tribute like it was expected, and deserved, and not an honor.
The sheer ego of that woman is obnoxious. But, she did trot out her beard, Steadman, while her husband Gayle was seated down on the main floor with the common folk.

Lots of ignorant people, and by ignorant people, I mean the New York Post, commenting on Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, becoming parents on Christmas Day. The Post actually titled their story, “Elton & Wife Proud Dads.”
And then Andrew Pierce, some wingnut columnist, decided to take Elton John  to task for having the child, via surrogate, because he knows that Elton only wants the child as an accessory, and only wants the child for show. He even went so far as to mock the child’s name: Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John.
Hey people? Maybe Elton and David wanted to be parents, and that’s all.



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6 responses to “>Free Opinions, No Waiting

  1. >Glad to hear recovery news. Here we are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

  2. >Recovery, thank goodness! Very glad you are on the mend.Bob, on the whole Elton and wife thing, well this is one thing that really gets my goat. I can't help but take it as an attempt to belittle and devalue our relationships. Love is love and a marriage is a marriage.When Stan and I married I can't tell you the number of times people substitute union or celebration instead of marriage; it even happened at the clerks office. There s a lot of needless confusion fueled by conservatives. People also don't really like calling us husband and husband, though those are the correct terms for both of us, well unless we are among friends of Dorothy, where gender roles and boxes aren't so tidy. We as a people deserve the same dignity and respect as everyone else and our marriages and relationships deserve not only to be recognized, but to be honored as any other relationship or marriage.Well I'm rambling and preaching to the choir here, but it needs saying, so I'm saying it.

  3. >Yay!! Im so happy to hear you are finally healing up. Why does time just c r a w l by when we are sick? Then when one is finally on the mend, the whole time warp thing is doubly irritating.You don't know how embarrassing it is to be from Alaska, since the Palin float set sail. I cringe now whenever people find out where i'm from, cause they always ask if i can see Russia from my house…..sighI couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the title the new york post used. Really how did he even believe that was remotely funny? To mock the fact that two men love each other, and want to have a family is just wrong, wrong, wrong. But mocking the child for their name is beyond the pale.I'm so glad your feeling better, missed your take on the world!

  4. >Have the Kennedy Center honors on TIVO — i'll let you know if i have the same reaction to Oprah. She's a piece of work — can't decide if i'm a fan or not. One thing i DO know…having a bajillion dollars and a fanatic base of supporters, i don't think anyone could be "normal"glad you're feeling better

  5. >Sarah needs to go away!!!

  6. >Glad to hear you're still on the road to recovery. Happy New Year in case I don't hear from you tomorrow!

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