>Sunday Funnies



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7 responses to “>Sunday Funnies

  1. >Bachman in the Intelligence Cmte. That's a hoot. At least she's not the Chair.Prediction: It won't be long before she blabs a secret that directly results in the deaths of people, after which she will be forced to resign in disgrace.

  2. >Love the new kitty picture.

  3. >Nice header!I loved the Michelle Bachmann cartoon. I know she's going to be a source of frequent humor this coming year.

  4. >Thank you for your swell blog. Reading you almost daily, has been one of thr great joys of the past year. I wish you & yours peace & prosperity in the new year.

  5. >The Bachman and intelligence committee one made me laugh out loud :o)

  6. >just found your blog….looking forward to coming back for more.

  7. >Bob, I think I liked the second and third one the best.

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