>Just For Giggles

>Filed Under: Awkward Sculptural Boners….

Except….this is the sculpture from a different angle:




Filed under Just For Giggles

7 responses to “>Just For Giggles

  1. >Funny! You got me. I thought it was real at first.

  2. >That was hilarious!

  3. >That's some angle. Ivan, have a seat.

  4. >Oh my! What a difference position makes in this case. 🙂

  5. >Oh! How funny! But that would have been a real show stopper if thats how the statue really was!

  6. >Proof that how we see the world depends largely on our perspective.Personally, I prefer the first 'perspective' — it made the sculpture far more interesting.LOLBosGuy

  7. >That made my morning. Thanks!

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