>The Neighbors Aren’t So Gay Friendly


I was trading emails with fellow blogger Buck [I Laugh, Therefore I Am and Channeling Julia Child] and we were sort of sharing our coming out stories, and the different ways, whys and hows of coming out. I told him that, after living in liberal California, and tres gay Miami, I was a wee bit concerned with moving to South Carolina. I didn’t know from the LGBT community here, especially in Smallville, so i was worried. But I shouldn’t have been; Smallville actually has a fairly decent gay community, both men and women, and most of the people Carlos and i have met are very lovely and accepting of another gay couple in their midst.
But then, there are the surrounding areas, and I have two stories of them today.
The first comes from up in North Carolina, where state Representative Larry Brown announced that one of his legislative goals for the new year would be that the government not spend money to treat adults with HIV or AIDS because they “caused it by the way they live.”

Oh yes he did.

Of course, he prefaced his insensitive remarks by proclaiming his support for a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, naturally, so his hatred and bigotry is quite well-known. But the he went on to say that government shouldn’t spend money to treat HIV among people “living in perverted lifestyles,” saying, “I’m not opposed to helping a child born with HIV or something, but I don’t condone spending taxpayers’ money to help people living in perverted lifestyles.”

You know, you have gay sex, you some deserve HIV. Now, Larry Brown wouldn’t say exactly what he considers perverted–though I’m sure he has a pretty good idea, and keeps it in his bedroom, in the bottom drawer of his bureau, to take out and play with when he’s all alone–but he does say that adults who get HIV through sexual behavior or drugs would be among those who should not be treated at government expense.

To be fair, he is an equal opportunity asshole. He also thinks that if you smoke and get cancer, then the government shouldn’t pay for any of your treatment because smokers “choose to do that on their own.” And Brown has no comment on how to treat, oh, say women, who contract HIV through monogamous relationships.

He just wants the gays to be cut off from medical treatment because they deserve to die.

And then we move a little further north to Virginia, where the Virginia Department of Health will stop enrolling people into its $21.6 million AIDS Drug Assistance Program [ADAP] in the hopes that drug companies will step up to offer medication to clients. 
Hmmm, we’ll stop helping sick people, and hope someone else will take over.
And the interesting part is that the state of Virginia funds just 10%, or about $2 million, of the program, leaving the rest of the tab for the federal government, which pays the remaining 90% through the Ryan White CARE Act. 
The Virginia Department of Health predicts that those people living with HIV, on the waiting list, will be covered by Medicaid or drug companies’ assistance programs.
Nice prediction. I wonder if it’ll come true, or if Virginia will just let those people try to survive without medications and treatment.
As I said, I was pleased with how Carlos and I were accepted into the Smallville community, but now I worry about the neighboring states.

Larry Brown: Cut Off AIDS Funding
Virginia Freezes ADAP



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2 responses to “>The Neighbors Aren’t So Gay Friendly

  1. >Hmmm. What about those pesky heterosexuals and their raft of STDs?

  2. >I heard about that Larry Brown story and wondered about my ex-work wife. She moved there last year and warned me it was a different world over there. Now I know what she was talking about.

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