>Top Ten Sarah Palin FAILS

>1. Sarah Palin just had to slip the antiquated, anti-Semitic term “blood libel” into her statement on the Tuscon shootings. But if you listen carefully, she also says “pundints” instead of pundits. Can the woman not even read the teleprompter with the prepared statement that somebody wrote for her to express her ‘true’ feelings?

2. And she invented the “Word Of The Year,” and compared herself to Shakespeare, while blasting the Islamic Community Center.

3. After making fun of Obama for using a teleprompter, Palin used notes written on her hand during an interview.

4. In the run-up to the 2010 Midterm Elections, Palin made this “Take Back The 20” map to show which Democrats she wanted the GOP to take out. Gabrielle Giffords, who appears on the map, was concerned about it back in March and it has now led to pundits laying some blame on Palin for the shooting.

5. Sarah Palin went on The Tonight Show last year to do stand-up.

6. This move was just plan odd. Hard to tell if she didn’t notice or didn’t care.

7. Palin first major mistake on national TV was her inability to come up with anything that she reads during an interview with Katie Couric. She later couldn’t recall any Supreme Court decisions or Founding Fathers.

8. Leave it to Canadians to successfully prank call and brutally embarrass Sarah Palin.

9. Leaving her job as Governor of Alaska in the middle of her term didn’t exactly make Palin seem any more presidential.

10. It was Palin’s first debate with with Senator Joe Biden, and as her opening “Can I call you Joe?” question demonstrated, she was having trouble nailing his last name.




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7 responses to “>Top Ten Sarah Palin FAILS

  1. >"Who's your favorite founding father?" "Oh, I don't know…all of 'em." You can't make shit like this up. SSIS!

  2. >It must have been hard only picking 10

  3. >Sigh, hanging my head in disgrace…to be from the same state, is so embarrassing…sigh

  4. >I will never forget #8 the week before the election. That is still freaking hilarious!

  5. >They're all so good, I just can't decide! But each one, a little gem worth remembering. Thanks for putting this montage together.

  6. >You realize she also says "pundints" in #8. She should stick to single-syllable words.

  7. >She must have studied politics from Karen Walker. I wouldn't be surprised if she sloshes an olive here or there inside a stein.Can someone call Megan Mullally and tell her Sarah Palin infringed on her character's copyright?

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