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I had another appointment with the doctor last Friday to check my Shingles progress. It started off rocky, when he entered the room, looked at my head, and said, “Wow, that’s an impressive scar.”
See, Shingles can leave scars, and mine did. I have a small one on the bridge of my nose, that is attached to a wee bit bigger one up near my eyebrow, which is attached to one that a co-worker says ‘looks like New Jersey’ in the center of my forehead. And I was so hoping for a Harry Potter Lightning Bolt.
That would be impressive.
And, the doctor followed up that pronouncement with another one; I can expect the blotches to stick around until, oh, I don’t know, SUMMER!! It’s January, man! And these things will be here until summer! Oy! But he was impressed with how quickly it’s healing, and that it’s doing so nicely, so, I’m focusing on the positive. He also suggested cocoa butter and shea butter which will diminish “New Jersey” and make the blotches disappear sooner, so i’m on that regimen now.
And then I was reminded that it’s just been 4 weeks since I was diagnosed, and I’ve been through the worst part, so this is all positive.
Still……New Jersey?

Carlos and I went antiquing yesterday. We’re looking for a couple of small buffets for the dining room, and something we can use for the TV and all it’s components. Components. I remember when the only component TVs had were a pair of rabbit ears, and now there are receivers and DVRs an CD players and surround sound. If I could get the damn thing to make a Margarita, I’d be in heaven. And, speaking of DVRs, I have The Golden Globes on it, and will do a Golden Showers post tomorrow.
Anyway; antiquing. No luck with the furniture, but I did find a mirror for the dining room that I may go back and get. And I bought a couple of Asian wood paintings–I was Asian in a former life….seriously–and found some beautiful some wine glasses. Twelve wine glasses with an etched pineapple detail on the stem, for $66.00. Not bad, but Carlos suggested we keep looking. At another shop, he found some wine glasses he liked; cobalt blue glasses on clear stems. Ten for…….wait for it…..$225.00.
Yeah. I know! But I got the email address of the seller and will see if we can barter, or I might just get the twelve I liked, and that mirror.

We’re both off today, so we’re doing housework in the morning. He’s making some sort of Mexican delights for dinner–he’s trying things out for our Second Annual Cinco de Never Fiesta in May, and I’m on laundry duty. But then we’re off to see The King’s Speech in the afternoon, so it looks to be another pleasant day in Smallville.
How was your weekend?



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8 responses to “>Just The News

  1. >Oh! Im sorry to hear that you now have states imposed upon your brow. Sigh, and yeah summer is like light years away at this point! Good luck, hope the facial lubes work wonders.Thanks for asking. My weekend was spiffy. Went out to eat with the husband, and then went to the movies. Saw "Season of the Witch". It was good, but luckily hubby told me to look away right before the teen boys behind us made sounds of disgust and one said, rather loudly "Je-sus!" So whatever it was that occurred on the screen, I'm mega happy I missed!

  2. >You'll love The King's Speech… it was really great… Spoiler: He becomes King.

  3. >You can do what Eldest does with his 15 chest scars (from surgeries)- spin a tale of misspent youth, danger, daring do, heroism. One especially deep scar he likes to describe as a knife wound (actually came from dr. sticking two fingers into his chest – I was there – without anesthetic – which to me is more harrowing than a knife fight.

  4. >Glad to hear you're healing but sorry to hear about New Jersey. Look on the bright side. In the mirror it might look like California.I was underwhelmed with this year's fashions, so I can't wait to hear what you have to say about them.

  5. >Other than finding out about the long scar factor, I'd say it sounds like a great day Bob.

  6. >Reminds me of Fred Armison doing David Paterson on SNL…"I went through shingles and what did I end up with on my head? NEW JERSEY." ;)Ooo, I love those cobalt blue wine glasses, the ones I've seen in stores and catalogs. But $225 is a little pricey…hope you can finagle a lower price!

  7. >My partner loved The King's Speech.

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