>The Monday MaxGoldberg

>So, this morning, while Carlos was in the kitchen roasting Pasilla Peppers, Tallulah stayed by his side, probably hoping that Carlos might drop some food to the floor–as is his custom.
I did laundry and settled in to watch my DVR’d Golden Globes, and naturally, Tuxedo nestled in my lap; he loves Ricky Gervais.
But, alas, poor MaxGoldberg, with no human companionship, drifted to the bedroom, created a hole, and crawled into it–or under it, I guess. But, once the peppers were done, and the Globes were over, he decided to grace us with an appearance.



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6 responses to “>The Monday MaxGoldberg

  1. >We do have our dignity to uphold. Now Tar would have been flat on his back, legs everywhere with all the god gave him on display.

  2. >Awwwwww … what a cutie!XOXOXO

  3. Joy

    >That kitty lump looks familiar. How cute! I like Ricky Gervais, too. What was with Annette Bening's hair? That was a waste of a lot of money.

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