>Architecture Wednesday: A Frank Lloyd Wright Farmhouse


I love a Frank Lloyd Wright house. I love the fact that he took everything into consideration, from what each room should be used for, to where you sit, and where you should, and, even, sometimes, how you should dress–one story has it that FLW designed a dress for the homeowner of one of his creations to wear so she would fit in with the house.

So, today we have Fawcett house by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s a luxury farm house–which may seem like an oxymoron–on approximately 80 acres site in San Joaquin Valley of California.

The entire property is a work of art; there are 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, open plan living room, dining room, & kitchen formalized by ornamental screens, a utility-store room and central laundry. The spiritual center of the house is 12 foot wide fireplace in living room which is the great place to gather with family and friends.

The house’s garden and courtyard also are its pride. There are swimming pool, Koi pond with fish, workshop, 3 car carport and great Japanese style garden landscape design. The site also includes a walnut orchard.
Yours, for just $2,395.000.

For me, owning an Wright house is priceless.

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5 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: A Frank Lloyd Wright Farmhouse

  1. >Hi Bob,I was not familiar with this FLW home in the central valley before reading about it here. He certainly does have a way with structures. The property looks like an oasis compared to it's surroundings.There is a FLW home at the southern tip of Carmel Beach in Carmel, CA. It's on the edge of the ocean overlooking some tide pools and it overlooks the beach. It is not advertised as a FLW home when you see it, so I'll bet many folks never realize it's 1 of his works unless they know his style already. The use of windows makes great use of the beautiful surroundings there. Unlike this home in the central valley, the 1 in Carmel has no yards. It's backyard is the public-access tide pools and the ocean. Very nice.Thanks for the post.Mike

  2. >I do love me some Frank Lloyd Wright. Pure genius!

  3. >I love Frank Lloyd Wright's work. And if I have to liove in a farmhouse, this would be it.

  4. >Just beautiful. South Bend is proud to have two FLW homes. One is called the Mossberg house, and Cousin Shane lives near it. You might enjoy this gallery of Mossberg images!http://www.peterbeers.net/interests/flw_rt/Indiana/Mossberg_House/mossberg_house.htm

  5. >My friend and former marching band mate from high school who is now an architect in the Bay Area is currently living here and acting as a caretaker.It's an incredible home with lots of amazing details.Apparently the only problem with living here is the owl population who tend to hork up dead things around the pool or near the barbecue.

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