>Those Wacky Republicans


Talk about out of touch.
I mean, in the House, they voted to repeal Health Care Reform–or as they civilly called it, “killing” health Care Reform–which caused a congressman from South Carolina–sigh, are they all idiots here?–Joe “You lie” Wilson to Tweet: “We repealed Obamacare!”
Except, Joe, you lie. You didn’t repeal it; you voted to repeal it. It won’t happen in the Senate, and even if it does, Obama will veto it.
But keep celebrating your non-win Joe, because now you don’t have to focus on the economy, which most Americans are most concerned about, or those two pesky wars, or the environment, or anything else that matters and maybe, just maybe, can get fixed.
And, to further prove my point that the Republicans heads are shoved so far up their collective out of touch asses, we have Iowa.
All those Republicans, and I’m looking first at you Steve King, you moron, want to remove those radical activist judges who interpreted the Iowa Constitution to mean everyone is equal under the law, and to let gay men and women marry. King and his brand of inbreds want to install their own radical activist judges on the bench so they can take away equality.
But guess what, asshats?
According to a recent poll, while you are busy introducing resolutions to place a marriage referendum on the ballot, and are feverishly drafting legislation to impeach the four remaining state Supreme Court justices who joined a unanimous 2009 decision that brought equal marriage to the state, a new poll released by the group Justice Not Politics, finds that only 36% of Iowans agree with you, and 54% of Iowans think you’re a bunch of fucktards.
I think Iowans want you to focus on, oh, the economy, maybe; on unemployment. perhaps. But you want to fight this fight because you think you’re right.
But you aren’t. You’re just the typical, shortsighted Republicans.




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6 responses to “>Those Wacky Republicans

  1. >Amen. It's the GOP version of bait and switch. Get the right up in arms about gay marriage, so the GOP can continue avoiding the economy, unemployment, the environment…yadda yadda yadda. It's all a ruse to stay in power – and keep their paid for by our tax dollars healthcare. Hypocrits!

  2. >I think it's good that the Repubs are going around saying they repealed the Health Care Reform law. Our local TV News said the same thing (and it was an ABC affiliate, not a FOX one).It's good because their constituents will go around cheering that it's repealed, and later come to the realization that their precious GOP leaders lied to them, leaving them disappointed and resentful, and more likely to question the true motives of the Repubs.

  3. >Writer, I like that "…GOP version of bait and switch." This is their MO, for sure.The tragedy is, the bastards don't even realize how shameful they are. Or should that be, don't care how shameful they are?

  4. >I was watching yesterday and I was floored by their reasons. They are so ridic

  5. >I do not understand why making EVERYONE equal is such a big deal. In Canada, it was recognised (in 2003 or 2004 I can't remember precisely) that because gays are equal "before and under that law", it follows that discrimination of ANY kind was unconstitutional and, therefore, illegal. After the decision was handed down, there was barely a ripple of disagreement here, except by the loony religious types.Davey

  6. >Anon – here in America we have a sizable number of loony religious types and they get re-elected all the time. That's the problem.

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