>They’re Like Oreos, But With A Creamy HATE Center


Out there in Iowa, a House panel is beginning hearings today on a bill that would repeal gay marriage in the state. You know, the bill all the Republicans like, but the one that most Iowans don’t care about, as they have shown over and over and over again in every poll taken since marriage equality became legal.

Still, the Iowa Marriage Amendment [IMA]–as in IMA hater–seeks to put a question of allowing gays and lesbians equality on the 2013 ballot, because, you know, we let the people vote on whether other people should be treated equally in this country.

This new bill, of course, would define marriage in the Iowa constitution as a heterosexual union, and instantly nullify the the 2009 Iowa Supreme Court ruling that brought gay marriage to the state. Yes, rewriting their state’s Constitution to install hate as law. The measure is supported by 56 out of 60 Republicans because, well, they’re Republicans and, for the most part, bigots and homophobes, especially the deeply closeted ones. The bill has little, if any, support among the Democrats, and, in the Iowa Senate, Majority Leader Michael Gronstal has vowed to block the measure from reaching the floor. He’s against allowing the majority to vote on the rights of the minority; he’s crazy like that.

But, and this is the funny, stupid, sad, moronic, out-of-touch, part of the whole shootin’ match; Iowa’s most bigoted and homophobic and hate-filled opponent of marriage equality, the aptly named Family Leader–headed by former GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats–will be holding a prayer meeting in support of the bill this afternoon.

And, they’re announcing that “several of us plan to bring a token of Christian love (like a small bag of cookies or other treats) to share with homosexual activists who we’ll be encountering Monday. It’s time we dispel lies about Christians, by tangibly showing love to people who struggle with homosexuality.”

Oh, well, if you’re bringing cookies, then the gays will simply take some, dunk them in milk, and go home, into the closet, never to be heard from again.

Hate cookies.
Now, I’ve heard everything.




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4 responses to “>They’re Like Oreos, But With A Creamy HATE Center

  1. >I would like to open them up & eat the creamy center of them… the cookies, that is.

  2. >Taking away rights is a really bad thing. Someday we might take away their right to freely worship…

  3. >I'm sure the Christian right would love to take away the rights of Muslims and Jews to freely worship their religion. But oreos won't do for me. While I like dunking them in milk, I would have to have double chocolate chip if they expect me to eat their cookies while allowing them to oppress me!

  4. >Both sad and hilarious. Sad that they're actually doing this, and hilarious that they're that stupid.

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