>I’m Out Of Fashion

>I loves me some Project Runway, and, well, I likes me some Fashion Show, so I am quite the fashionista, right?


I like clothes but I am not freaky about it. I like a good old pair of Levis, a nice shirt, and some cool shoes, and I’m good to go. I don’t like clothes, however, with the logo emblazoned upon them; if you want me to advertise your clothes, send me the clothes and a check for doing so.

But, I am intrigued by the latest fashion trends that are coming out now, and I cannot wait to wear some of these through the streets of Smallville, holding my head up high, until someone shouts an obscenity from a passing car or, god forbid, slushies me.

These are from designer Thom Browne, and were shown in Paris this week:

I like this for wearing to the Smallville Farmer’s Market.
I see lots of tomatoes being tossed my way.

I could be a beekeeper.
Or take my motorcar for a spin through the English countryside.
I could be Britney Spears next Halloween.

I might don this little number to wear to the Smallville Fine Arts Center.
I imagine people will ask which Dickens character I’m playing.
Now, this one, this one is for when I star in the Smallville Little Theater
produciton of, ‘The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie.’
I’m Miss Jean Brodie.
This is perfect for laying on the lawn in my backyard this summer while I work on my tan.
Or, to cover that large casserole dish of lasagna I’m taking to the neighborhood pot luck.
Or, contacting the Mother Planet.

Again, I ain’t no stinkin’ fashionista, and I know that these designs will be modified and simplified and humanified for the mass-market, but still….aluminum foil coats?



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7 responses to “>I’m Out Of Fashion

  1. >LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!The silly fashions used to, it seemed to me, be confined to women. Now men get their turn. Do you suppose all the sour looks on the models' faces is them suppressing the desire to deck the designer.

  2. >The tin foil coats protect you from the evil Facebook mind control rays! Dintcha know??? I even have the matching hat!

  3. Jim

    >O!M!G! Those are soooo you! LOL Your captions are greatness!

  4. >OMG is that a skirt or a potato sack on Number Five?

  5. >You know, if these designers want to parade these silly things on the runway, they should first WEAR THEM on the street in Peoria.

  6. Joy

    >If something makes a model look fat, who wants it?

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