>The Tuesday Tuxedo

>You know, what goes around……..

Tuxedo was my feline caregiver when I was sick–with Carlos being my human nurse. He was sit at my side, or rather, he would sit on me, leading me to think he was one of those Death Cats, waiting for me to, ahem crossover. Now, I know that all he wanted was for his Daddy to get better.
And I am getting better.
So, when Tux needed a little pampering, well, he got it. He curled up in a afghan my mother made for me, and napped, while I periodically checked on him, and brought him, snacks, and sat on him, well, by his side.
Here’s to my Round-The-Clock Nurse, Tuxedo.


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4 responses to “>The Tuesday Tuxedo

  1. >I think they really know when we're hurting or not feeling well and try to do what they can to comfort us. Aren't they wonderful? 🙂 XOXO

  2. >Cats are wonderful that way. All of mine know when I'm not feeling well as if they can sense it.

  3. >Let's all raise a glass to tuxedo!

  4. >I love how kitteh's love to burrow in blankets and such. Glad you are feeling better.

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