>Well, Well Wyoming


Wyoming is all about the inequality.

They’ve banned gay marriage, but realized that wasn’t enough, and since they couldn’t burn us at the stake–although they have known to beat us and tie us to a fence and leave us to die–they’ve opted to finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, to stop recognition of out-of-state gay marriages and civil unions.

See, they don’t wanna have gays marrying in their state, and they don’t want gays who marry elsewhere to live there either. And while their homophobia has passed the House, it now heads to the Wyoming Senate where passage looks…..good?

State Representative Owen “Wingnut” Petersen, a Republican naturally, and the bill’s sponsor, says the legislation is needed to resolve a conflict in Wyoming law, which defines marriage as a contract “between a male and a female person” but also recognizes any valid marriage performed outside the state. 

Uh-oh. That means them homos can get married and come here, and buy homes here and work here and pay taxes here and help our economy. We don’t need that!

Other supporters, i.e. homophobic fucktards, believe the bill will keep the government from intruding into Wyoming traditions and culture.

Like beating young gay college students and leaving them to die? That tradition?

Opponents of the bill say it violates the rights of gays and lesbians to marry, and would create havoc for legally married out-of-state gay couples traveling in Wyoming. Well, dontcha know that I have a solution: if you’re gay and you live in Wyoming, move out. Take your tax dollars somewhere else. If you’re gay and you’re looking for a place to vacation, try, oh, I don’t know, anywhere else.

Let me break it down for you, Wyoming.

You can vote to keep us from getting married there. You can vote to keep our married–legally performed elsewhere–from being recognized there. But we are never going away. Never. And when equality finally comes to Wyoming, and it will, my friends, it will, you’ll all look like a bunch of bigoted dinosaurs.




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2 responses to “>Well, Well Wyoming

  1. >I'm very disappointed but not surprised. We're talking a place where if you're a person of color, you're more than likely on an athletic scholarship attending university there. And if you're gay, you're so far in the closet you don't see sunlight.

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