>Architecture Wednesday: Manhattan Cliff Dwelling


Anything but your ordinary house listing, this multi-million-dollar mansion may be one of the most unique properties in New York City. The so-called Pumpkin House features a face-like facade (hence the name), but also looks like it is being squeezed out over a cliff by its tightly-packed neighbors.

Being perched atop a hill and pressed out beyond adjacent buildings, it has some of the most impressive terraces and views one could wish for in Washington Heights – windows in three directions rather than just looking out over the water.

Originally, the structure was free-standing and towered above its surroundings – now, if it weren’t for the overhang, one would hardly notice it against the building heights in the area.

What may be more amazing than the 3000-square-foot property itself is the fact that it used to just be the guest house for a larger estate – hard to imagine such a remarkable residence being a secondary consideration, but surely great for the guests.
For all its broad exterior flare, the interior is nice, elegant but ultimately somewhat disappointing. Mahogany and marble are wonderful, to be sure, and the fine wood accents are nice, but somehow they fail to live up to the precedent set but the house as a whole. Still, for someone who can afford the four-million-dollar price tag, perhaps a bit of redecorating would be a relatively inexpensive addition to the budget.

source: Dornob



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4 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: Manhattan Cliff Dwelling

  1. >Wow – I've never heard of this place before. Great post.XOXOXO

  2. >Love that area. Used to walk there every Spring. Just breath-taking.

  3. >Amazing house. Tacky interior. Makeover time!

  4. >That's one beautiful home. Interesting in so many ways. Although I'll tell you from experience, having a house that is 3000 square feet is a house of 3000 square feet that has to be cleaned and maintained. It's not all roses.

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