>SAG Musings

>I watched the SAG awards last night…well, okay, I DVR’d the SAG awards last night and watched them this morning, speeding through the winners I didn’t like, didn’t know, didn’t care about, and therefore cutting a two hour show down to about forty minutes.

What did I learn?

Well, actors don’t know any other comedic TV actors other than Alec Baldwin. Seriously, why does he win this award almost every year?

Julianna Margulis and Keith Lieberthal

 Julianna Margulies husband is very, very cute, and was giving a little gay vibe on my set. I paused, rewound, played it again. Same vibe. Now maybe he is, and maybe he isn’t, but he sure is cute and shiny. 

Did someone finally tell Anette Benning that there are clothes designed after 1963, and that there is nothing wrong with combing her hair?

Why did Ed O’Neil accept the award for Modern Family’s cast win? Ty Burrell would have been funnier. Hell, Annette Benning would have been funnier.

I kinda wish Jeff Bridges would lose the facial hair. he’s hot with it, he’s hotter without it. And that goes for Christian Bale, too.

Is anyone else getting a little tired of the Betty White sex jokes? I know that may sound blasphemous, but…..

When exactly did Jon Hamm become Kevin Kline?

Did Natalie Portman say asshole on TV? And, if she did, was it really necessary to bleep it out? I mean, she was talking about herself, you know.

Michael C. Hall was robbed. He’s brilliant in Dexter. And Steve Buscemi still looks like Don Knotss. That isn’t why he shouldn’t have won, though. It’s all about Dexter.

I have a suggestion for next year’s SAG awards, and all awards shows in general. Have Taye Diggs host. Have Taye Diggs present every award. Make all the nominees stay at home so Taye Digs can accept the awards for them. In other words, make it all Taye, all the time.

Did you watch? And, if you did, wouldn’t you want it All Taye, All The Time, too?



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3 responses to “>SAG Musings

  1. >I am going to the Tye Diggs officially unofficial webesite to put my bid in… I could watch him for hours…

  2. >Taye Diggs is scrumptious.I'm a little surprised you didn't say anything about the red carpet fashion. Angie Harmon and Winona Ryder looked like they were attending their own weddings.

  3. Joy

    >Steve Buscemi is really good in Boardwalk Empire and deserved the award. Michael C. Hall has won it for Dexter and is outstanding in it. Buscemi has done some good work for a long time and was cast against type in this and gives an understated performance of the most powerful guy in Atlantic City at the time convincingly. His Nucky Thompson strikes fear in a calm controlled way. Alex Baldwin probably wins because of Tina Fey's writing although he is funny. I'm ready for another winner in that category, too. I was happy for Julianna Margulies. That show is so good, and her performance is outstanding. Haven't seen The Fighter but plan to. Melissa Leo seems to be a shoo-in for the Oscar. She is good in Treme, too. No one seems to mention that for some reason. I agree with you about Jeff Bridges and the clean-shaven face. Also Christian Bale.

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