>Architecture Wednesday

>Last time on Architecture Wednesday, I showed you a cliff house in Manhattan. Now, howsabout a cliff house on the ocean, with a cantilevered infinity pool?

Ultramodern by design, this fantastic cliff-side residence in Thailand thrusts its occupants into the natural surroundings – forests on two sides, chiseled stone on the third and a sensational ocean view on the fourth.

A light, white, contemporary cliff-side cousin to FLW’s falling water, this structure by Original Vision (images by Marc Gerritsen) is composed of a series of linear levels that zig-zig horizontally across the landscape.

On approach, floor-to-ceiling and side-to-side panel doors can be opened to make the ground-floor living room feel like a covered outdoor patio.

The private core residence is lifted off the ground like a bridge, creating a clear view out across the infinity pool, between the trees and to the water beyond.

source: dornob



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5 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday

  1. >I need to win the lottery so I can afford a place like that. I'd never leave the house!

  2. >I'll take it. Thanks. (spare room if you want to visit)

  3. >OH! I so want this house!!!!

  4. Sam

    >I love that home, and it is beautiful but the pool terrifies the shit out of me.

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