>Sunday Funnies



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6 responses to “>Sunday Funnies

  1. >HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Good stuff. Do you follow the cartoons of Mike Luckovich?If not, check him out…scroll down to the one about Oprah finding her half sister: http://blogs.ajc.com/mike-luckovich/It's a blast!

  2. >I love the Reagan cartoon. I've always wondered what the Tea Party would think of him today if they would acknowledge the truth.

  3. >Always a great selection but these are a cut above the rest!

  4. >I too especially liked the Reagan cartoon, and completely agree with R.J.'s point.

  5. >Those are great ones. I love the last one, and Jefferson texting! Of course, any Reagan slamming is always funny. although I disagree that he was a RHINO by today's standards. If he could have gotten away with it then, he'd be a teabagger. He paved the way for the incivility and hate that's been growing and festering since his time.

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