>What a weekend! We looked at toilets. I know! Fun, right?

But we want to redo the guest bathroom so we headed to Lowe’s and looked at Dual Flush Toilets–one button for Number 1, one button for Number 2. Ain’t science grand! We also found a lovely pedestal sink so we can dismantle, and perhaps burn, the hideous vanity that’s taking up too much space in an already small space.

We also checked out tile, and this is where the disagreements start. I saw some lovely muted beige and grey tumbled stone tines, that would look lovely with a band of glass tiles around the edge. Carlos saw some, well, for lack of a better word, horrifying blue tiles. Horrifying. It looked like it used to be in Hef’s Grotto at the Mansion, if you get my meaning. But, I think I was able to dissuade him from that particular choice.

We spotted some new lamps for the exterior of the house, sort of Asian/Frank Lloyd Wright inspired, and very cheap–and by very cheap, I mean one margarita cheap. Which is good since we’ll need four of them. Carlos pointed out a floor lamp he liked, while I wondered why anyone, who isn’t living in a 1950s TV show, would want a floor lamp. i just don’t get floor lamps.

We looked at tubs and showers and mirrors and fixtures and closet organizers, and then made out way to the exit where we remembered that we’d forgotten to pick up some Polycrylic for the dining room.

When we bought Casa Smallville, the dining room was flesh colored, and since I’m not Hannibal Lector, eating in a flesh colored room was not appealing. So, I tackled that room, opting to stay as far away from the traditional red–it seems nearly everyone in Smallville has a red dining room–as I could.

I picked a very beautiful light blue, and purchased it in matte and satin finishes. I painted the entire room in the matte, and then taped off sections and painted vertical stripes all around the room in the satin finish.

It was beautiful.

And then we ate dinner in there and I couldn’t help but think there should have been a  crib and a changing table in it. it was that color blue. So, in a flash, the blue was gone, replaced by forest green, which I love, but I still missed the stripes. Which is where the aforementioned Polycrylic, in a satin finish, comes in. It will add the much needed stripe-age to the room.
Then we returned home, where Carlos used his Christmas gift, a molcajete–mortar and pestle–of lava rock, to make a delicious ancho chile, tomato and garlic salsa for some grilled pork. I didn’t know how much more inventive he’d be on his nights to cook with a molcajete because, had I known, I would have gifted him a molcajete ten years ago!
Plus, I do so love saying molcajete! 
After dinner, we watched The Social Network On-Demand, and I was pleasantly surprised how much more I liked it than I thought I would. When it came out, I thought, A movie about Facebook? No. But it was really good, with really good performances, and a dual performance by my new man crush six-foot-five-inch hunk Armie Hammer. He played twins, so it was double My Pleasure, Double My Fun.
Then something called the Superbowl was on, and I flicked back-and-forth between a Law & Order: SVU marathon and the game, hoping to just hit the commercials. I wasn’t so successful.
I missed Christina Aguilera’s rendition of the National Anthem, so I missed her bungling of the words. i always thought they sang to a track, so things like this wouldn’t happen? I mean, how embarrassing. I also missed Cameron Diaz feeding A-Rod. I mean, how embarrassing.
I also missed Bill O’Reilly’s “interview” with the President. Who set that up? And why do an interview with an illiterate raging ape instead of an actual news anchor? If that’s the case, the White House could have sent Obama down to Smallville to talk with one of the guys who lives under the bridge. It would have been just as interesting. And where does O’Reilly get off asking Obama what he thinks of the “people that hate” him? When Obama said something about the people that “don’t like me,” O’Reilly piped up,. “No, they hate you.” How fucking unprofessional. He really needs his own room in Douchebag Hell.
Thanks to
John abuzz
for the photo

And, so, finally, speaking of Douchebags…..Ronald Reagan, the GOP’s Great White Hope. The one they all aspire to emulate. He turned 100. Whoop-de-freaking-do. The problems of today, with debt, and the rich getting richer, are directly tied to Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan who never said a word about AIDS until it was fiver years too late, and then did little about it.
St Ronald? Gimme a break.
I think he’d be a Number Two flush.

And, so, how was your weekend?



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7 responses to “>Musings

  1. >I never never knew Diaz was dating Arod until last night when I saw her stuff what looked like a tater tot down the guy's throat, and give a disgusted look after. Now my life is complete.

  2. >I think it was a total of like 8 hours of Super Bowl programming… catatonic

  3. >It was a good weekend and it's still ongoing. I get three personal holidays a year and today I took one of them.

  4. >Ok, love love the super bowl, was very sad that my team didnt win…sigh. here is a gift for you however, a link to all the commercials!http://superbowlads.fanhouse.com/

  5. >The dining room looks better each shot. How clever of you.

  6. >I bought one of those toilets with dual flush. They are fabulous! If you get one, get one chair height

  7. >We love the hardware store. I have some outside projects for this year. We do plan some remodeling in the next 5 years.

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