>More Hope


Malcolm, a seven-year-old Los Angeles boy, has donated $140 to LA’s Gay and Lesbian Center and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation because he doesn’t think it’s right for gay people not to be treated equally.

Seven. He’s seven.

Malcolm was given the $140 by his parents, who told him he could donate to any cause he chose, and he split it between the HRC and the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, and he sent his check, along with a handwritten note, that read: “I am sending you this money because I don’t think it’s fair that Gay people are not treated equally.”

Malcolm’s mother also sent a note: “To teach the importance of improving the world around him, Malcolm was given $140 to give away to the charity of his choice. After hearing a story on the radio about the mistreatment of gays and lesbians, Malcolm became both upset and curious about the issue…to help, he chose to split his money between the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.”

Atta boy, Malcolm!




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8 responses to “>More Hope

  1. >That is the best damn thing I've read all day!Thank you, Malcolm.XOXOXO

  2. >Out of the mouths of babes…Thanks to both Malcolm and his parents.

  3. >Equally, thanks to the parents for raising the kid with great values and no hate

  4. >This is something we've been talking about all day

  5. >Suddenly, my week just got better… I'll be spreading this watercooler item all around tomorrow (today) at work. Little miracles. I love them.

  6. >That kid will go far. Intelligent parents must help.

  7. >Lovely message. We need more Malcolms (and more parents of Malcolm) in the world.

  8. >*cry* What an awesome little person.

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