>Architecture Wednesday: Clingstone Island


Clingstone Mansion is 103-years-old, and set on a rock island in Narragansett Bay.
The all-wood home has 360-degree views of the ocean, and is three stories tall, with some 23 rooms, 10 of which are bedrooms.

And, though the home is quite expensive to maintain because it’s all wood construction, many modern amenities have made it more livable,, and less expensive to maintain: solar panels heat the water, and a wind turbine on the roof generates electricity. Rainwater is collected in a 3,000-gallon cistern, then filtered, treated and pumped through the house for cleaning purposes.

In addition, Clingstone house use the latest technologies in filtering seawater and the most up-to-date composting toilets.
She might be an old lady, but she’s kept herself up quite nicely.




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