>Carlos…You Have Some ‘Splaining To Do!


Last fall we went to Atlanta to see the fabulous Idina Menzel perform with the Atlanta Symphony. While waiting for the show to start, I discovered that the fabulous Patti LuPone would be coming to Atlanta in 2011.

So, the moment we arrived home, I went on the web and discovered when La LuPone was coming and if tickets were available, and, lo and behold–I’ve always wanted to say lo and behold–I got two tickets for the show in the third row.

Within Diva distance.

Now, we have this massive desk calender/blotter thing on the desk in our home office, so I wrote, on the last day of 2010, Patti LuPone, May 28, Atlanta, and told Carlos we needed to make sure that date was written on the new calender.

So, imagine my surprise, when we purchased the 2011 desk calender/blotter–and what is a blotter anyway–and I noticed that Carlos had written the info down for May 28th.
We’ll be driving to Atlanta to see, live in concert, Broadway legend and diva extraordinaire,……

Patti Duponte.

Evita say what?

Now, that was bad enough, but then I come home from work the other day, and on the kitchen table, propped up against a vase, is a postcard. I look at it, and set it down, thinking nothing about it really. But the next morning, the same post card is set on the table, as though it was being served as my breakfast.

I say, Why are you showing me this?
He says, Well, we can go see her here instead of Atlanta.

Yes, he now thinks Patti LuPone has morphed into Patti Labelle, with a layover at Patti Duponte.

Carlos Carlos Carlos.



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6 responses to “>Carlos…You Have Some ‘Splaining To Do!

  1. >This post is hilarious and completely made my pre-work morning.

  2. >Even if it was her, I'd still go to Atlanta to avoid Kenny G.

  3. >He is so much like my husband. The man can destroy a name like no one else and I am supposed to know who he is talking about.Enjoy your Diva… Love her Evita..My fav Diva is Sarah Brightman..and I did get to see her live just once. She was marvelous.Thank you Andrew Lloyd Weber for the music of the night.

  4. >I've seen Patti years ago… it's a great show. Sure, she's so full of herself, but she deserves to be. My favorite song she sings is Meadowlark. As far as twisting names… my family has always used the local florist, Max & Gayles. When my Mom passed, my Dad instructed me to get the flowers at Massingil's… I don't think that 'Summer Breeze' would have been appropriate.

  5. >OMG that is hilarious!

  6. Joy

    >LOVE the Carlos stories!

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