>Just For Giggles

blatantly stolen from Towleroad:

Fort Wayne Officials Jumpy Over Building’s Potentially Provocative Name

“The people of Fort Wayne, Indiana, are embroiled in quite the sticky debate: whether to name a new government building after a late, beloved mayor named Harry Baals.

The city held an online poll to name the new building, and Baals, who served three terms from 1934-1947, and then a fourth from 1951 to his death in 1954, came out on top.

Despite popular support for naming the building after Baals, Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy said such a commemoration would “probably not” happen. Why? Because of the pronunciation of Baals’ last name: “balls.”

The building, then, would be called the “Harry ‘Balls’ Government Center,” followed by an eruption of laughter. Malloy, however, thinks such a name could make Fort Wayne “look bad.” She failed to note that there’s already a “Harry Baals Drive” in the Indiana town.

I’ll tell you, Harry Baals gets no respect.”

Apparently, from what i’m hearing now, they’ll be going with their second choice, and name the building after popular doctor and philantrhopist, Rusty Vagina.


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4 responses to “>Just For Giggles

  1. >This one made me smile out loud :o)

  2. >I didn't just smile, I laughed. Thanks Bob.

  3. >Oh grow up! What are they? 12 year olds? Jack McFarland? Bevis and Butthead?

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