>I Didn’t Say It…..

>Champion cyclist Graeme Obree, on growing up gay, and now coming out:

“I was brought up thinking you’d be better dead than gay. I must have known I was gay and it was so unacceptable. I was brought up by a war generation – they grew up when gay people were put in jail. Being homosexual was so unthinkable that you just wouldn’t be gay. I’d no inkling about anything, I just closed down…People say, ‘How can you be gay and be married and have kids and not know it?’ But when I went to my psychologist she reckoned I had the emotional age of about 13 because I’d just closed down.”

Shining example of what society does to people by making them feel different, and less than.
Closed down.
No one should ever live that way because they’ve grown up believing they’re somehow wrong in being themselves.

Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, on his hope that lawmakers will approve a marriage equality bill pending in the legislature:

“I have always believed that all Marylanders should have an equality of rights and responsibilities and that includes marriage equality. So regardless of gender, we should be able to choose who it is that we are going to marry and hopefully spend the rest of our lives with. And so I’m supportive of that.”

Um, I guess he’s read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights where it talks about equality for all Americans, not just the straight ones.
It makes me feel so good to see more and more of these politicians–most of them Democrats–stepping up for equality.

Newt Gingrich, on why he is against marriage equality:

“Look, I’m quite happy to say I come out of a tradition, which is several thousand years old, that says marriage is between a man and a woman. And I’m prepared to defend that tradition. And I happen to believe it. And I think I have as much right to my belief as you have to yours.”

Oh, Newt, you complete dick.
No one is saying that you don’t have a right to your opinions, we’re just asking that you don’t use your religious hypocrisy–I mean, seriously, Newt, you cheated on all your wives….yes, one man, and, is it four women?–but do not use your religious hypocrisy to enforce some archaic sense of justice.
If marriage was truly one man and one women, you’d still be married to the FIRST Missus Gingrich, god help her.

Howard Stern, on why he doesn’t like the use of the word ‘fag’:

“I have a tremendous compassion for people who are homosexuals. I feel that they are bullied and abused in our society. And I’ve put a lot of thought into this – and they take such shit just because they like to be with the same sex. It seems so absurd to me. And there so many people out there who just knock their brains out – the gay people. They just treat them so poorly. It must be a terrible thing to be exposed to that kind of hatred and be hated just because of your sexuality…”

Wow, wise words from Stern, with no punchline.
Nice of him to step up, and denounce the use of the other f-word.

Ricky Martin, on being a gay activist:

“There’s no pressure from anybody. It’s something I feel really good about doing. I have been an activist for human rights for many years. Today, I’m in touch with who I am and I have the opportunity to be in front of a camera and talk to millions of people. After I wrote the book and went on Oprah Winfrey, so many people have come to me, telling me, ‘Ricky, thank you because I understand what acceptance is today.’ ‘Ricky, thank you. I feel better about myself because you have a very beautiful family and the words ‘dysfunctional family’ don’t exist in your life.’…”

Ricky has long been a humanitarian, but it’s nice to see him come out, in more ways than one, to help the LGBT community.
We aren’t all so very different with our stories.

Armie Hammer, on playing  J. Edgar Hoover’s secret lover in an upcoming movie opposite Leonardo DiCaprio:

“It’s not a kissing scene—it’s a ton of kissing scenes…I’m so excited to work with Clint [Eastwood], and from what I hear, he’s not the type of director who has a ton of rehearsals and takes. I think we’re just sort of thrown in there and have to make it happen….I actually just met [Leo] for the first time Saturday at the DGA Awards. Sure, we talked business…He’s a talented actor. I’m not nervous or afraid of it being awkward. The script is great. The scenes are in there for a reason. I’m really excited….Yeah, you hear that, Leo? Pucker up!”

Armie Hammer.
My new man-crush.
He’s looking forward to some man kissing?
Heaven…..I’m in Heaven…..

Ted Haggard, disgraced pastor, meth head and man-on-man massage enthusiast, on gay marriage:

“The word marriage is a big deal to people of faith. We’ve made it sacred. That’s why I believe that churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples should have total freedom to have whatever types of unions they believe as godly. But I think that we as a democratic society, as a constitutional republic — if we don’t respect individual civil liberties, then we’re making a horrific mistake. The church is in the early stages of another ‘the earth is flat’ crisis. I say to all religious people that we should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry on the subject. Or we’re going to be embarrassed in another 10 or 20 years.”

Is it me, or is this Ted’s way of sticking yet another foot out of the closet?
i mean, when he was first nailed–pun intended–as a meth-using man-whore, he said he was a confused heterosexual, and this year he began calling himself bisexual, though he prefers women.
Next year, he’ll be drag queen Pastor Ized, on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Jason Sudeikis, on some of his, ahem, gayer moments on SNL, like sucking Zac Efron’s toes, and kissing Jon Hamm:

“Truth be told, I hadn’t done that in any of the rehearsals. I just did it on the air to screw with him. The scene is basically about an older brother teaching his younger brother how to get girls. Zac’s a nice guy, we got along really well, and he really enjoyed that scene. There was so much good energy by the time we did it for the show, I thought, I’m just going to try it and make him fight me, but I was able to overpower him and stick half his foot in my mouth. I figured if anyone in the world has a clean foot, it’s got to be Zac Efron. [It tasted like] Just any old foot. That’s one of the nice things about life: It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are or how well your career’s going, all our feet taste the same…..SNL already has those “Kissing Family” sketches, where the joke is that the family is way too into each other, so Jon and I agreed in rehearsal, “Let’s not play this for laughs with slapping tongues. Let’s kiss for real. We’ll bump mustaches and kiss like we mean it.” So that’s what we did…I’ve kissed a handful of fellas in various improv shows and stuff, but I’d never done it with a mustache or kissed someone else with a mustache, so that was interesting. It’s off the bucket list!”

Kissing Jon Hamm.
Some guys have all the luck.
Meryl Streep, on playing former British PM Margaret Thatcher in the film The Iron Lady:

“The prospect of exploring the swathe cut through history by this remarkable woman is a daunting and exciting challenge. I am trying to approach the role with as much zeal, fervour and attention to detail as the real Lady Thatcher possesses – I can only hope my stamina will begin to approach her own!”

Meryl can play anything, and anyone.
And I’d pay to see it.



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3 responses to “>I Didn’t Say It…..

  1. >I don't know how to take Howard Stern. I saw him on Letterman the other night and was impressed. Other times I just think he's obscene. I thought it was cool yesterday that he fell for Christwire.

  2. >I can sympathize with Graeme Obree. When you "have" to grow up straight it leaves scars that are hard to heal.

  3. >I am not a Howard Stern fan, but this does make me respect him a bit more.

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