>The Hot List, Or The Hottie List

>I have discovered, or rediscovered some new, um, for lack of a better word, Husbands in My Head, and thought I might like to share them with y’all.
I’m a giver, you know.

Armie Hammer: watch The Social Network and try to keep your eyes off him.

Charles Mesure: he’s on V…he wears tight shirts….he’s Australian.
‘Nuff said.

Matt Bomer: from White Collar.
Absolutely adorable and ALLEGEDLY a proud gay man.

Morris Chestnut: he’s on V…he wears tight shirts….he’s not Australian.
‘Nuff said.

Timothy Olyphant: he’s on Justified, and he is justifiably hot.

Who are some of your Husbands In Your Head?


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7 responses to “>The Hot List, Or The Hottie List

  1. >You almost picked the right "V" actor… Try Oded Fehr. I could spend a lifetime sucking on his lower lip. He's been my fantasy husband for many years.

  2. >Well, there is my soon-to-be-husband, Ricky Martin. And my other hubby, John Barrowman. And Cheyenne Jackson makes me sweat more than anyone should. Anthony Callea's partner, Tim Campbell, is hot and Aussie, a great combo. And, I am afraid my thoughts are less than pure when I think of Ivri Lider, Israel's answer to world peace. Damn, I better shut up before I say something truly stupid…

  3. Joy

    >Sam Elliott (esp back in the Western day), George Clooney, Bob Costas, George Stephanopoulos, Denzel Washington, and Graham Greene (also back in the day). But for his mind and creativity, I choose Chuck Lorre. Have you read his vanity cards after The Big Bang Theory and other shows?

  4. >Of your list I've only seen Matt Bomer in action [in his series], but I certainly would like to meet Armie Hammer. But John Barrowman and Cheyenne Jackson can certainly join my private male harem.

  5. >For the longest I always thought Olyphant had some gay in him. He's played several, which of course means nothing. I guess I just like his borderline crazy look.

  6. >Colin Farrell, Francois Beauchemin, and believe it or not Russell Crowe.

  7. >my future husband will be the man who can make my heart melt ūüėČ

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