>Architecture Wednesday: Glass Bungalow


Just don’t throw stones.
It’s 3,500 square foot under a flat roof with a panoramic glazing, and was inspired by the buildings of the 1950s.
Architect Andreas Zech created this bungalow at Lake Constance, with a northern facade that is totally glazed so the owners can enjoy the views of the lake at any time from any room. 
There are wonderful views from every room–even a closet!
It’s simple, minimalist, and quite serene.




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5 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: Glass Bungalow

  1. >Gorgeous – but it would be HELL trying to survive a hangover there."Child, how can you see with all that light?!?"…XOXOXOXO

  2. JR

    >This is a totally awesome house!

  3. Joy

    >I'd love the view but need more walls in some of the rooms. It's beautiful.

  4. >Oh wow, I'm totally jealous.

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